3 out of 3 INC won all constituencies in Rajasthan by poll

       Published : Feb 01, 2018 20:10 IST    
3 out of 3 INC won all constituencies in Rajasthan by poll 3 out of 3 INC won all constituencies in Rajasthan by poll

Congress winner, BJP runner by-poll race results of Rajasthan.

After the demise of BJP legislators, two Lok Sabha seats and one assembly constituency of Rajasthan had set prepped for by-polls. Today, Congress had won an assembly seat of Mandalgarh constituency and the lok sabha seats of Alwar and Ajmer by pushing down the ruling BJP of the state.

Raghu Sharma from INC won by 1 lakh plus votes in Ajmer, Dr. Karan Singh from INC won by 1,56,319 votes in Alwar and Vivek Dhakad won Mandalgarh constituencies with 12,976 votes respectively.

The by-poll race had come to end point after a week of hard campaign. Rajasthan had witnessed the extreme election campaign by Sachin Pilot of INC and the state's Chief Minister, Vasundhara Raje of BJP. A total of 49 candidates enrolled to make a seat on a hot oil pan of by-poll. 

BJP had found its hard reality after a great loss in its own ruling state while Rajasthan running for a state assembly election in few months. Soon after the winning Rajasthan congress Chief, Sachin Pilot had demanded the state's Chief Minister to resign. He also said the young people had rejected the high egotism and arrogance of the ruling BJP. Unusually Karni Sena had joined the fire cracker celebration of Rajasthan congress by applying an old formula "enemy of our enemy is our friend" Where BJP made them as their enemy in recent riot on Padmavat release.

According to the victory of the Rajasthan Congress, INC's chief Rahul Gandhi had tweeted that "Well done Rajasthan Congress! proud of each and everyone of you. This is a rejection of the BJP, by the people of Rajasthan". 

3 out of 3 INC won all constituencies in Rajasthan by poll

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