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Back to Back loss of elephants in Nilgiri Biosphere-15 deaths in 6 months. Why?

Elephants Death Nilgiri Coimbatore
Elephants Death Nilgiri Coimbatore

Coimbatore: A 11 year old Bull seen dead today in Nellimalai Reserved Forest of Mettupalayam region. It seems that the elephant roamed with severe mouth wounds for the past four days and the Forest Medical team rushed to treat the elephant. But due to the disparities in eating and failure of treatment, the bull lost its breath today.

Speaking about the Kallar Forest area of the Nilgiri Biosphere in Coimbatore, 15 elephants have died in the past six months which is disheartening. Specifically, ten elephants died in the Sirumugai forest of the Mettupalayam region alone, hiking the total number to 16 overall with the inclusion of recent death of the bull.

Elephants are said to be dying in the area due to elephant poaching, migratory encroachment, human-animal conflict and infections. A special team has been set up to detect the hidden reason behind the continuous loss of elephant lives in the Nilgiri forest area. Shockingly, one more death added up even before the team’s commencement of the investigation.

Examination of the bodies of dead elephants revealed the presence of stomach and intestinal infections in most elephants. Infections like this can occur due to eating of unhealthy food or unclean water. Therefore, it has been revealed that some elephants have died due to the infection.

The mystery behind the elephant deaths still prevails among the Forest Department and proper post mortem report is required to analyse the back to back deteriorations. However, the Forest Department claims that the massive fight between two species led to this condition but the official mysteries are not yet confirmed.

Environmental activist Osai Kalidas states that the continuous deaths in a particular place within a short span time require deeper analysis on the real reasons behind the loss of elephants. He also clears that it is an ok factor if the elephant dies naturally like every being, but the main consideration is if any human-made activities involved or behind the deaths.

Osai Kalidas requested the forest department to actively involve in drawing the report since the elephant loss in the Mettupalayam region is worrying because Asia’s highest number of elephants lives in the Nilgiri Biosphere and the Mettupalayam comes under it.

Proper awareness among the public about elephants should be encouraged to reduce the conflicts between man and animals since many elephants roam out in the farming lands in the Mettupalayam region.

National Education Policy, Kushboo tweets and KS Alagiri Reaction

Actress and Politician Kushboo
Actress and Politician Kushboo who supports NRP, Creates Mask Awarness during workmode

In these worst corona crisis time of highest infections above 50,000 yesterday and above 55,000 today, the central government approved the National Education Policy.

NEP or the National Education Policy is the new education system to be introduced in India. The draft of hundreds of pages was available only yesterday. But the general secretary of Congress, Kushboo, was first to welcome the National Education Policy in her twitter handle.

She also said that, though she is committed to Congress, she cannot be a robot to say yes and no. Reacting to it the Congress State President K S Alagiri said that all in Congress are open to express their opinion but not in a public forum.

Asked what action will be taken on Kushboo, he said that there is no connection between his tweet with that of Kushboo. And only on reading her tweets on National Education Policy, a final decision will be taken.

Priyanka Gandhi vacates her official residence in Delhi after losing the SPG cover

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

Priyanka Gandhi vacates her official residence in Delhi yesterday, July 30 one day before the deadline given by the government. She lost her father and grandmother to terrorist attacks and now without the SPG cover or even a safe government house. Her father Rajiv Gandhi and her grandmother Indira Gandhi served as prime minister to the nation.

All the 3,000 SPG personnel formed to protect the current and former prime ministers and their families are serving only for the protection of the current Prime Minister Modi.

After prime minister, Modi came to power again last years, the SPG cover for the Indra Gandhi family was removed. The reason given by the Home Ministry was that Gandhi’s was not treating the SPG officials properly and following rules.

Since Priyanka Gandhi also was not given SPG cover, the CPWD or the central public works department sent a notice to Priyanka to vacate the Lodhi estate bungalow before August 1. But Priyanka vacated the house yesterday to reside in temporary accommodation until she finds a house in Delhi to stay safe.

Since Rahul and Sonia Gandhi were MPs, they were not asked to vacate their official residence. Experts believe that this SPG cover removal for the family that has been in public life to get independence in India and have three prime ministers serving years could be dangerous to their lives.

4-year jail term to ex-Samata Party president Jaya Jaitly

Jaya Jaitly former Samata Party president
Jaya Jaitly former Samata Party president

Jaya Jaitly, former president of Samata party, is sentenced to four years in prison for accepting the bribe in a defense deal two decades ago. On July 30, the Delhi CBI court hearing the infamous “operation Westend” case initiated by the news portal Tehelka in 2001 pronounced the judgment.

But the Delhi High Court has put on hold the order of the lower court by the appeal filed by Jaitley and asked CBI to reply to the appeal.

The operation Westend

When technology was not that much developed as now in 2000, Tehelka, a news portal, conducted operation Westend. It was to trap the then Samata party chief Jaya Jaitly while accepting a bribe for a defense deal.

The news portal sent one fictitious Samuel to the then defense minister George Fernandez’s house on December 28, 2000. Jaya Jaitly, Major General (retd) S.P.Murugai, Samata party colleague Gopal Pacherwal and one Surendra Kumar Sureka were there in the house.

Samuel said to be the owner of a fictitious company Westland International for acquiring supply orders for handheld thermal imagers met them. He handed over Rs. 2 lakhs to Gopal on instructions from Jaitly. The major Murugai received Rs. 20,000.

The balance Rupees one lakh each to Gopal and Murugai were agreed on completion of the deal. All were caught on camera by Tehelka, and Surendra became the approver.

Special CBI court judgment to Jaitley

Special CBI court judge Virender Bhat gave the judgment to the two-decades-old Jaitly case today. He said that the three accused Jaitly, Murugai and Pacherwal were convicted of the crime under Section 120 – B IPC and Sec. 9 or PC or prevention Act.

The in-camera proceedings in the court put a fine of Rs. 1 lakh each was pronounced along with an order for them to surrender before 5 PM today. But Jaitly immediately moved the Delhi High Court with an appeal on these orders. The lower court order was stayed by the Delhi High Court and asked the CBI to file counter to the appeal.

Now the corruption case that happened in the NDA rule in 2000, which had already taken twenty years in the lower court, will be argued for years in the High Court.

Even if it confirms the four years punishment, Jaitly will approach the Supreme Court for appeal against it. All these may take how many years, no one knows.

Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra requested devotees to not come for Bhoomi Pooja

Ayodhya Ramar Temple Model
Ayodhya Ramar Temple Model

Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra requested devotees to not come for Bhoomi Pooja of Ayodhya Ramar Temple. The Foundation has requested devotees not to come to Ayodhya to witness the Bhoomi Pooja celebrations at the Ramar Temple from August 3rd to 5th,2020.

The years-long legal battle to build a temple in Ayodhya, the birthplace of Shri Raman, came to an end last year. Following the Supreme Court’s permission to build a temple there, the work is being carried out by organizations including Vishva Hindu Parishad and the RSS.

For this purpose, a foundation called Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra has been set up and working vigorously to build the temple. To initiate the construction progress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is laying the foundation stone by attending the Bhoomi Pooja ceremony on August 5, 2020.

It is a natural desire of everyone to attend the historic Bhoomi Pooja in person. However, due to the spread of coronavirus infection, there is an environment in which devotees cannot attend. But the Foundation has made live telecast facilities for the people to watch the rework of historical goodness from home directly.

In this context, AIMIM party leader Owaisi has objected to Prime Minister Modi’s participation in the Ayodhya Ram Temple Bhoomi Pooja. Owaisi said on his Twitter page that “Attending the Ayodhya Ram Temple Bhoomi Pooja would be an act of violation by the incumbent Prime Minister under the Constitution. Secularism is the basis of the political apparatus”.

Is a Mosque needed in Dhannipur?

In November last year, the Supreme Court of India ruled that the disputed land belonged to Hindus. The ruling also advised that the Islamist side should be given land elsewhere to build the mosque.

Accordingly, the Uttar Pradesh government has allotted 5 acres of land to the Sunni Waqf Board for the construction of a mosque in Dhannipur village.

No one has approached the mosque in this village with as much enthusiasm as the excitement over the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

In Ayodhya, Islamists are already dissatisfied with the use of land for the construction of a mosque in the village, which is 25 km from the city of Ayodhya. Instead of building a mosque on the site, Islamists say they want to build something useful for the people, such as educational institutions and hospitals.

Muslims in Ayodhya feel that there is no benefit in building a mosque in the Dhannipur region, which is far from the Bhabar Mosque and already there are many mosques on the way. Many Muslim people regretted the land given by the government too.

Kerala suffers from rains and rise in covid 19 infections

Kerala Chief Minister
Kerala Chief Minister

Kerala, God’s own country, yesterday July 29, was lashed out by rains and had the highest single-day rise in new coronavirus infection cases. But still, hope exists in Kerala as a 105-year-old woman beat the virus just in 9 days.

Thiruvananthapuram is to continue lockdown from yesterday until further orders. Red alert sounded in Idukki district due to heavy rains, while in many other districts, there is an orange alert.

COVID 19 rises in Kerala

If there was one state most vulnerable to coronavirus in India, it was Kerala. It is because of its people working in many parts of the world. Even the first two COVID 19 infections were reported only from Kerala. But those two who came from Wuhan were treated and sent home safe in January.

Those made Kerala take all steps to quarantine all those coming from abroad and be one of the safest states from COVID 19. Even the UN felicitated the Kerala health minister K.Sailaja for her splendid efforts in containing COVID 19.

But from July, the situation has changed, and yesterday, Kerala reported the highest single-day spike of 1,167 new cases to take the total to 20,894. With yesterday’s death of 4 people, the total death tally is 67 now.

Lockdown restrictions in Thiruvananthapuram

The rise in the number of new cases was mainly from its capital city of Tiruvananthapuram. It made the CM to even admit of community spread of virus here.

Due to the past few days of continuous rise, the state government has ordered the continuance of lockdown in Thiruvananthapuram. It has the following relaxations

  • Shops to remain open from only 7 AM to 7 PM
  • Only senior citizens will be allowed to shop from 4 PM to 6 PM
  • All government offices will function with one-third staff only
  • No in house dining in hotels and only parcels are allowed
  • Public transport to continue with 50 % capacity
  • Malls, beauty parlors, salons, spas, and hypermarkets will remain closed

Kollam 105 years old woman wins battle against Corona

Dr. Habeeb Naseem is the superintendent of the Kollam medical college. He said that a 105 years old woman was admitted on July 20 with continuous cough and breathing problems.

She was tested positive to COVID 19, but she sincerely followed the medical board’s advice to be safe. She tested negative within a week, and one more test was taken to confirm the negative. She was given a warm send-off by the staff and other patients of Kollam hospital.

Dr. Habeed said she did not give hope only to the other COVID 19 patients but to all medical staff worldwide working continuously for the past five months.

Kerala is also be battered by more rains, and orange alert has been sounded in Kottayam, Thrissur, Palakkad, and Ernakulum. Idukki district is sounded with red alert as rains submerge the Kochi railway tracks and central bus stand. But Kerala, like the will of the 105-year-old woman will fight back all difficulties and gain strength as done many times before.

Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant Oviya Helen Likes to Ban the Reality Show

Bigg Boss Tamil Oviya Helen
Bigg Boss Tamil Oviya Helen

Oviya’s comment on the reality show Bigg Boss Tamil in her official Twitter account grosses attention and queries. Kalavani actress slammed the Bigg boss show producers for mentally harassing the contestants for the cost of TRP. Oviya questioned the fans on Twitter on the 25th whether the Big Boss show could be banned or not.

When many fans back then asked why you are posting this now. For the ratings of the Bigg boss, mental harassment had taken place on the show and this opinion can try to change the rules in it.

Oviya seeked her fans and followers opinion on the banning of the reality show Bigg Boss and tweeted the following “A contract paper should not be the license to put someone in mental trauma or make them commit suicide. I’m not saying to ban the show. Every life matters and at least show some mercy”.

Oviya Helen is the Bigg Boss season 1 Tamil contestant who gained popularity and immense fans for her genuine personality inside the house. However, Oviya herself forcefully came out of the show prior to end due to her mental dilemmas with Aarav, the winning contestant of Bigg boss season 1.

Despite the late personal review of Oviya Helen on the show who participated and aired in 2017 gained mixed opinions from the audiences and Oviya army fans.

However, the mental stress and suicidal thoughts obtained during the show due to the dirty shitty ideas proposed by the production to increase TRP is not acceptable, says actress Oviya.

Actor Suriya EIA 2020: Let us break our silence and protect the environment

Actor Suriya About EIA 2020
Actor Suriya About EIA 2020

As actor Suriya and Karthi’s statement on the Environment Impact Assessment became a topic of discussion yesterday after his post under Uzhavan Foundation. Now, actor Suriya has shared on his Twitter page against EIA 2020, “Silence is more dangerous than words. Let’s break our silence and protect the environment.”

Environmental activists across India have strongly objected to the change in EIA, making zero mandatory for large businesses to consult with the public on setting up things, including mining. Yesterday, actor Karthi released a statement in this regard.

Actor Karthi EIA 2020

Karthi Sivakumar stated the following words on his Twitter page to the media under his Uzhavan foundation and the statements are as follows.

“In our India, which is hailed by the nations of the world as the best country in terms of resources, the existing environmental laws are not enough to protect our natural resources and the livelihoods of our people.

But the draft ‘Environmental Impact Assessment Rules’ 2020 currently being issued by the Central Government seems to pose a further threat to our Indian environment.

EIA Draft 2020 Protest and Know all details

A string In this draft report states that, “Many important projects can be implemented without public consultation,” creates a great deal of distrust and fear.

It is by no means a fair law that we as a people, can never talk about our environmental projects and the harms that will befall us. Mountains, rivers and a variety of creatures are the sources of our life.

Destroying trees and agricultural lands and laying highways and destroying natural resources and setting up factories is definitely not development. Destroying natural resources and showing it as a sign of growth is an attempt to question the future of future generations. It should never be allowed by a government elected by the people.

We are also threatened by conditions of EIA, such as change in the classification of factories, post-facto and short span for public comment. The principles should be known by every uneducated human around the country until then the imposing of such an act is punishable that too in this CoronaVirus neck wracking situation.

Therefore, actor Karthi was asking us to bring the pros and cons of this draft report to the notice of the people from all walks of life, to make it a public debate before being implemented urgently without public consent”.

Actors Suriya and Karthi have raised their voices in this regard and their fans have been expressing their support. As the actor Karthi said, they have also decided to post their mail on this regard by August 11, 2020 at eia2020-moefcc@gov.in

A Private CoronaVirus Testing lab has been sealed in Trichy

CoronaVirus Testing lab Doctors Diagnostics Centre has been sealed in Trichy District Collector
CoronaVirus Testing lab Doctors Diagnostics Centre has been sealed in Trichy District Collector

Testing for the CoronaVirus in Tamil Nadu has been carried out by both the government and private labs since March. Meanwhile, negligence in maintaining the decorums of a testing lab has resulted in the sealing of a private lab in Trichy by the District Collector.

Based on the permission granted by the Tamil Nadu government, Doctors’ Diagnostics Centre located in Woraiyur region of Trichy district has been allotted as one of the private labs to detect CoVid19 in the people.

Due to the delayed and inaccuracy of CoronaVirus results tested, the public complained about the negligence occurring in the Diagnostic center to the District Collector.

On investigation, it is cleared that the Doctors’ Diagnostics Centre costs 3000 rupees per CoVid testing, which is a huge sum in the pandemic situation for the common public since many government labs are offering the same for zero cost.

Coimbatore private labs debarred by the government to conduct COVID 19 tests

Despite all, the public mainly protested about the delayed cum improper results which were delivered after 25 days of testing by the lab. This delay in result led to the loss of life.

Following the unlawful activities by the lab, Trichy Collectorate has finally sealed the private testing lab and cancelled the permission to further CoVid-19 detection.

To be specific, the government has sent warning notice more than five times to control the regards. But the continuation on the crime by the center lead to the sealing of the laboratory today.

CoronaVirus is already a life or death situation all over the world. In this pandemic contagious new normal life, people believe only in proper testing, which results in either positive or negative. But this kind of unethical behavior by the private testing labs will undoubtedly drain hope from the public side.

EIA Draft 2020 Protest and Know all details

Environmental Impact Assessment 2020
Environmental Impact Assessment 2020

In these worst times of the corona crisis, many opponent parties say the central government is pushing in many changes in the name of development and the latest is the EIA draft 2020. The deadline for the people to voice their opinion for or against the EIA is as per the Delhi Court’s ruling is August 11. And the hashtag “withdrawEIA2020” is trending in India now.

What is EIA?

EIA or the environment assessment notification comes under the EPA or the environment protection act. The EPA was enacted in 1986 to protect the environment from the many industries, buildings, mines, and others that could destroy it.

There were two EIA notifications earlier also. One in 1994, which was replaced by a modified draft in 2006? The EIA notifications play a vital role in assessing and regulating the impacts on the environment due to the effects of new projects. And it is mandatory to get the public opinion on the draft to become an EIA notification.

The present EIA draft 2020

The central government proposed a new EIA draft in these corona crisis times and included many contentious issues. The most important one is that, despite public voicing against any project, the government set panel can approve it.

Even against the Supreme Court order dated April 1, 2020, such approvals are contrary to law. Also, the public consultation process for EIA draft 2020 is marred by controversies. First, the deadline to express an opinion on EIA draft 2020 expired on June 10.

But due to the delay in publishing the draft, the central environment ministry extended the deadline to August 10. It has also to be published in many regional languages, including Tamil, which till date is not done by the government.

But, Prakash Javadekar, the environment minister, modified the deadline to June 30 by overruling his ministry deadline. But with the intervention of the Delhi High Court order, now the deadline is August 11.

Three environment action group websites blocked

Three websites, namely FFF or the Fridays For Future India, There is No Earth B and Let India Breathe, was blocked. They were all raising concerns about the dangerous parts of the EIA draft 2020. Later FFF additionally received notices charging them under UAPA or Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.

But later, it was withdrawn by the Delhi police and cited the reason as a clerical error. Then the FFF received another notice, this time from the IT department, and that too was now withdrawn.

Experts say that the withdrawals may be due to the international pressure as it involves environmental issues. The block of websites and a string of notices and their withdrawals are only for officially registering as per law the opinions against the EIA draft 2020.

The last date to voice the opinion against EIA draft 2020 is August 11. If the people are not sending their views against the dangerous provisions of the draft, it will only help big companies to eradicate the left out good air and water from India.