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18 Tamil people dead and 55 missing in landslide in Kerala

18 Tamil people dead and 55 missing in landslide in Kerala
18 Tamil people dead and 55 missing in landslide in Kerala

Kerala is the worst-hit state by floods for the third year continuously. On August 7, a landslide in a private tea estate submerged nearly 80 Tamil people staying and working there. So far, 18 have been brought out dead, and 17 are rescued live. The fate of the remaining 45 people is still unknown after nearly two days.

Prime minister has sanctioned Rs. 2 lakhs for the dead people’s family. The Kerala chief minister is saying all steps are taken to find the missing persons. The Tamil Nadu chief minister has only expressed condolences to the dead in Kerala.

How did the landslide happen in Kerala to kill 18 Tamil people?

In the Idukki district in Kerala, there were heavy rains for the past few days. On August 7, while the nearly 80 Tamil people were in their tenements, the landslide suddenly occurred. The huts were in Tata Kannan Tea estate in Rajamalai Pettimadi near Munnar.

32 Tamil families were living here in three lines, with each having around ten houses. The 15 rescued people were from the corner houses of the three rows to miraculously escape from the landslide.

The fate of the missing Tamil people in Kerala landslide

All the 80 Tamil people are many families from Bharathi Nagar in Kayatharu in Thoothukudi district. They have been working in the estate for more than 60 years. On hearing the news of the missing Tamil people in Kerala, ten people from Bharathi Nagar went on a van to Idukki district.

The governments gave the E-pass, but they are asked to quarantine for 15 days by the Kerala government. They are now asking the governments to help identify the dead people and know the fate of the missing Tamil people under the sand.

Kerala for the third year in a row is flooded by rains in August and will this year be the worst of the three, will be known soon as IMD confirms of more storms until Sunday, August 9.

Air India Pilot Lost His Life After Saving 100 Passengers Life In Kerala

Air India Pilot Lost His Life After Saving 100 Passengers Life In Kerala
Air India Pilot Lost His Life After Saving 100 Passengers Life In Kerala

19 dead in Kozhikode Air India Plane Crash: BlackBox recorder has been retrieved. The Digital Data recorder has been retrieved on the Air India plane crash in Kozhikode.Official hope on investigation feasibility with the help of a black box.

An Air India passenger plane carrying 190 people from Dubai to Kozhikode, Kerala, has reportedly stumbled while landing on a runway. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation of India has said that the plane, which deviated from the runway, broke in two and crashed. The Air India Express crashed into a 30-foot deep ravine while landing at the Karipur airport in Kozhikode.

The death toll from the crash has risen to 19, including two pilots and 16 people critically injured alongside 100 above are admitted in the hospitals. As per the flight manifest, there were 190 people on flight AXB-1344, including 174 adult passengers, ten infants, four cabin crew and 2 pilots.

Meanwhile, 17 deceased bodies were found till now out of 19 and the rescue operations by NDRF and local forces are in full swing as per the orders of the Central and State government.

Though the reason behind the plane crash seems slippery in landing due to rainfall in the runway and unclear vision, however, DGCA orders a detailed inquiry into the plane crash.

To assist the air crash, Air India sends two special relief flights to the site for humanitarian assistance from Delhi and Mumbai.

Who is the Pilot?

The pilot who flew the Vande Bharath Air India mission to rescue the stranded in Dubai to India is Vasanth. Unfortunately, the plane skids off the runway and crashes, leading to the death of two pilots along with 17 people plus 170 injured.

Sources reveal that captain Deepak Vasanth Sathe is an experienced hand in the pilot seat and served as an Ex-Air force Pilot. His spontaneity by switching off the engine has saved many lives today in Kozhikode at the cost of his life.

On the other hand, Chief Minister Pinaryai Vijayan and Civil Aviation Minister will be shortly arriving at the Kozhikode International airport to witness the big crash.

Despite all the circumstances, Minister KT Jaleel states that a passenger who died in the plane crash was suspected to be CoVid positive and the workers are requested to be quarantined after the rescue operations.

Kamal hands over Rs. 4 crores to the Indian 2 shooting victims

Kamal hands over Rs. 4 crores to the Indian 2 shooting victims
Kamal hands over Rs. 4 crores to the Indian 2 shooting victims

After six months after the tragic crane accident that killed three people in the Indian 2 shooting near Chennai, Rs.4 crores were handed to the family of the dead.

Actor Kamal Hassan, director Shankar, and FEFSI chief RK Selvamani handed over the cheques to the family of the three dead and one critically injured.

The four crores are the total contribution of Lyca productions, Kamal and Shankar together to the bereaved families. Kamal, Shankar, and Selvamani spoke to the press after handing over the cheques.

FEFSI chairman says such a big payment to film workers the first time

R K Selvamani is the chief of FEFSI or the Film Employees Federation of South India with more than 25,000 members. He had organized the press meet yesterday, August 7 to hand over the cheques of 4 crore rupees to the four affected families due to the accident in the Indian 2 shooting set.

He said that never in the history of Tamil film industry that such a massive amount was given to the affected film workers. There were small contributions previously for those who lost their lives and injured in such shooting accidents.

Details of the families got the cheques.

Radha, the wife of the deceased Chandran, who was part of the catering team, Chinnamalaya Gonder, the father of Madhu, Amitha wife of Krishan, both assistant directors to Shankar were given one crore each. The critically injured Ramachandran family got 90 lakhs and another 10 lakhs for the other injured in the press meet.

Excerpts of the Press Meet of Kamal

Speaking to the press, after handing over the cheques to the concerned persons, Kamal spoke to the Press, the excerpts include

  • The accident that happened in Indian 2 shooting could have happened even to him and the director
  • It is only an accident and now only preventive measures to not let such accidents happen in the future
  • Even in these coronavirus times ways have to be found to start work as done in foreign countries but with following social distancing
  • Prevention has become the way of life, and everyone should follow to be safe which includes the media people
  • Actor and directors are emotional creatures and we helping is not big but the producers paying a massive amount for the workers is a welcome sign
  • Shooting again in the same EVP campus where the accident happened will be decided only by the director
  • It is pathetic for the film workers who depend on daily shooting for their next day food on the table is alarming
  • On a question to the announcement of Bharathiraja starting a separate producer council, Kamal said that he is not opposed to any number of unions, but people to work for the benefit of the film industry is more important.

Covid19 Treatment Permit Suspended, Bewell Private Hospital Of Kilpauk In Chennai

Bewell Private Hospital Of Kilpauk In Chennai
Bewell Private Hospital Of Kilpauk In Chennai

The government has suspended the permit license provided for CoronaVirus treatment from the Bewell Private Hospital of Kilpauk in Chennai. The action was taken mainly stating that the hospital charged more than the government-mandated for corona treatment. On investigation, it is clearly proved that the Bewell hospital charged ₹12,20,000 for a patient undergoing treatment of nearly 19 days.

The Department of Public Welfare has already ordered all the Private hospitals to clearly announce the price details of the CoVid treatment for the benefit of the public.Warning on this note,the Public Welfare Department declared that if these kinds of pricing complaints continue among the hospitals,severe action will be taken without concern.

Special Sub Inspector Pandimuni of Kundrathur Police Station in Chennai has been died of CoronaVirus today due to the unsuccessful treatment. Notably, the number of police officers who are losing lives gradually increases.

E-Pass Tamil Nadu: Fake E-Pass and Paid E-Pass Frauds – know all the details

E-Pass Tamil Nadu: Fake E-Pass and Paid E-Pass Frauds - know all the details
E-Pass Tamil Nadu: Fake E-Pass and Paid E-Pass Frauds - know all the details

If you are not a famous actor or not having an e-pass, you will not be able to leave your district borders. The other best option is to pay Rs. 3,000 to go to anywhere in India with e-pass obtained by fraudulent ways. The epass frauds rise in most of the districts in Tamil Nadu now.

There are many WhatsApp numbers to send scanned copies of the identity proofs, and by transferring money to the Google pay of the number to get e-pass within an hour. It is the new business during the worst corona crisis that many people are minting money.

Fake E-pass VS E-pass frauds

Until last month, there were many fake e-pass readily available for few hundreds of rupees. They were color Xerox copies made by forging the signatures and seals of the authorities.

The government took steps to control it by checking it with bar codes and immediately finding them to be forged. Strict action of seizing the vehicles stopped this kind of fake e-passes. But those who made money from that now switched to fake e-pass.

Last month two government officials were arrested in Chennai for arranging such fraud e-pass. But that is not stopping the e-pass fraud rocket from continuing informing customers to send money to the google pay and other ways to get fraud e passes.

The reason for Paid E-Pass frauds

For more than four months now, no one can leave their districts without e-pass. There are thousands of business people who need to travel most of the days for livelihood. Traders for transporting goods from one place to another need to go from one district or one state to another are unable to do it without e-pass.

Also, employees have to go to other districts to work regularly. Apart from this general public need to go to other places for marriage, death, and other reasons. With so much at stake, only a few hundred of e-pass applications are approved to get e-passes.

Others are rejected due to many reasons and most genuine ones get rejected being without proper documentation. For example, people applying to go for deaths need to produce death certificates, which is impossible to get immediately in these corona crisis times. All these culminate in getting e-pass from fraudsters.

E-pass frauds may be the reason for the sudden rise of COVID 19 cases in southern districts.

Madurai’s fraudulent e-pass to come and go there from the southern districts is said to be the main reason for the sudden spike of cases there. There are e-pass fraudsters who even get e-pass for people without proper identity cards as they mingle with others in a vehicle.

Hence any tracing of the COVID 19 infection becomes impossible in such cases. Now, these districts are the most affected by COVID 19 than even Chennai and the adjacent districts. Hence the government has decided to streamline the process and issue e-pass fast and easy for genuine cases.

Chief Minister Edapadi Palaniswami, in his last meeting with the district collectors, has elaborately discussed this e-pass issue with the authorities. Today, the norms for getting the e-pass are eased to give e-pass to most of the applications. It will help not only the people but also the authorities to keep track of the people and stop e-pass frauds.

Ayodhya Ramar Temple: History, Architecture And Inaugural Ceremony August 5, Full Details

Ayodhya Ramar Temple
Ayodhya Ramar Temple

Ayodhya is all set for tomorrow, celebrating its historical moment and an end to the long lasting clash with the success of building a temple for Ramar as a witness to his birthplace.

Inaugural Ceremony: The Bhoomi Pooja of Ramar Temple began on August 3 and completed on August 5 i.e. Wednesday. Following the Vinayagar Pooja yesterday and Hanuman praises today, the Bhoomi Pooja for Ramar will be held tomorrow. Due to the CoronaVirus, only five people allowed on stage includes Prime Minister Narendra Modi, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, trust chairman Niruthiya Gopal Das Maharaj, Uttar Pradesh Governor Anandi Ben Patel, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. So far, 175 people have been invited to this Bhoomi Pooja festival.135 of them are various spiritual priests.

Uma Bharati, a key figure in the Ramar Temple construction movement and accused in the Babar Masjid demolition case, did not attend the function due to the Coronavirus scare. Uma Bharati tweeted today, stating that an official message has been declared to the Prime Minister in advance regarding her visit to the place after the end of ceremony, pointing to the high chances of getting an infection on the way from Bhopal to Ayodhya. Senior BJP leaders Advani and Murali Manohar Joshi are also expected to attend the event via video conference.

Architectural Specialities In the Ramar Temple: The sacred soil of about 2000 temples from all over the country and the holy water of 100 rivers have been sent for Bhoomi Pooja of Ramar temple in Ayodhya.

Regarding the construction of the temple, the officials said: In the temple for Shri Raman, iron rods, wood, copper and white cement will not be used. Since it will last for many centuries, it will only be built entirely of stone. The stones required for this are already in Ayodhya. Additional required stones are to be procured from Banshi Hills of Rajasthan.

Ram Temple is to be built with 360 pillars, five spacious balconies and a 161 feet high coffin. Written as Shriram in various languages ​​across the country, the bricks collected over the last 30 years are a special feature to be used for the foundation of this temple.

The temple stairs are to be set 16 feet wide. The Ranga and Nritya halls were used for dancing by the goddesses working in the temple in the past, but now they are set up to see Lord Rama from all three sides to serve the purpose of history.

History behind the 500 years long dispute:

1528-1530: According to inscriptions and government documents found in the Mosque, the Mosque was built by his governor Mir Baki on the orders of the Mughal Emperor Babur on the hill at Ramkot Moghla in Ayodhya.

1853-1949: The dispute between Hindu and Muslims rose in 1853. During the British rule in 1859, the colonial government ordered Muslims to worship inside and Hindus to pray in the outer lane by fencing. Meanwhile, a civil case has been registered, stating that Ramar statues are being kept inside the Mosque in 1949. Consequently, the gates were closed from then.

1984-1990: Vishwa Hindu Parishad announced to build a temple for Ramar in Ayodhya, ignoring the pending case in 1984, which was supported highly by BJP leader L.K. Adwani in 1984. While in 1986, the district judge ordered to open the doors for the construction process. As a result, Muslims formed a Bhabar Masjid Action Committee. However, in 1989, Vishwa Hindu Parishad laid the foundation for Ramar temple, but in dispute, they demolished parts of the Babri Mosque. The negotiations also failed in 1990.

1991-1998: In 1991, BJP attained power in Uttar Pradeh, which then led to the destruction of the Mosque in 1992, resulting in religious disputes losing more than 2000 lives. In 1998, Ayodhya partition began ferociously once again as the BJP party won the Central elections with Vajpayee as Prime Minister.

2002-2009: By attending the condolence ceremony of an important petitioner in Ayodhya issue Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, P.M. Vajpayee inculcated victory confidence to the Hindus. Pending for about 11 years, in 2003, a court-ordered to punish the Mosque demolishers, but Deputy P.M.Advani has not been accused on that time. The Liberhan Commission report on the demolition of the Babri Masjid is being filed after 17 years. It blames BJP leaders for demolishing the Mosque in 2009.

2010: The Allahabad High Court has ruled that the disputed 2.77 acres of land in Ayodhya should be divided into three parts, one-third to Ram Lalla, the other one-third to the Sunni Waqf Board and the remaining one-third to the Nirmohi Akara group of monks. Fourteen appeals were filed in the Supreme Court against the verdict.

2019: Headed by the Chief Justice of India Ranjan Kokoy, along with five judges in the Supreme Court, unanimously ruled on the Ayodhya issue. Based on the ruling, the Indian government was ordered to set up a foundation within three months to build the Ram Temple on the disputed 2.77 acres and to provide five acres elsewhere in Ayodhya for the Islamists to hold prayers.

Ilayaraja complaints against Prasad Studio – know all details

Ilayaraja and Prasad Studio
Ilayaraja and Prasad Studio

For more than 40 years, Maestro Ilayaraja’s car will go into the Prasad Studios for composing music in the room allotted to him every day. From September last year 2019, it stopped as the Prasad studio administration did not allow him inside the studio.

Now, Ilayaraja has complained to the additional assistant commissioner of police against Prasad Studios management for stealing his music instruments and invaluable music notes.

Ilayaraja and Prasad Studio

Even small music directors will fly to foreign countries and other locations to compose music. Some new music directors also have their own fully equipped music studio to compose music. But for Ilayaraja for more than four decades or from 1976 from his Annakili days, he and Prasad Studio are inseparable.

Any big producer can meet Ilayaraja only in the Prasad Studio. It was like a second home for Raja, and thousands of great songs were only composed here. Only on rare occasions, Raja will compose songs outside of his room in the Prasad Studio.

The issue between Prasad Studio and composer Ilayaraja

Prasad Studios is part of the famous Prasad Film Labs founded by the legendary LV Prasad in 1956. He was a famous director, actor, cinematographer, and also a successful businessman. Until a few years back, most Indian films were processed only in the nine units of Prasad Lab.

Both Ilayaraja and the Prasad Studio management had mutual respect and understanding for each other. But when Sai Prasad, the grandson of LV Prasad, who is now the head of Prasad Studios wanted to renovate the more than half a century old studio, the issue started.

He wanted Ilayaraja to leave the room for enabling the renovation work. But Ilayaraja locked the room and refused to vacate it.

Protests by Bharathiraja and others against Prasad Studios

In support of the music genius Ilayaraja, his long time friend Bharathiraja and others protested in front of Prasad studios in December 2019. A case was filed in the high court, which is still pending.

In these circumstances, Saravanan, Ilayaraja’s advocate, filed a complaint against the Prasad Studio management of breaking open his room. The complaint had severe allegations of selling rare music compilations of Ilayaraja apart from damaging and stealing his music instruments.

Ilayaraja off late has been complaining about many issues, like his songs’ rights, lambasting other music directors of using his songs, among others. Everyone in the film fraternity wants an amicable solution between the legendary studio and one of the world’s best music directors.

Punjab toxic liquor death tragedy – Know all latest details

Punjab toxic liquor death tragedy
Punjab toxic liquor death tragedy

Eight arrested now for the 38 dead due to drinking toxic liquor in Punjab. The chief minister had yesterday, July 31, ordered a magisterial inquiry headed by the Jalandhar Division Commissioner.

Dinkar Gupta, the DGP of the Punjab police, had said that a massive quantity of dangerous liquor was recovered from the eight accused.

Spurious liquor deaths in Punjab

On Wednesday, July 29, five people died after consuming toxic liquor in the Tangra and Mucchal villages in the Tarsikka district in Amritsar. And from Thursday, the deaths continued from many surrounding villages of Tangra, Batala, Tarn Taran, and others. Totally as of now, 38 people are dead due to drinking the dangerous spurious liquor.

CM Amarinder Singh on the toxic liquor tragedy

On July 31, afternoon, chief minister Amarinder Singh in his Twitter handle, said that there would be a magisterial inquiry on the liquor tragedy. He also said that those who were responsible for the killing of 38 people would be punished.

Further, he said that the inquiry commissioner is empowered with all rights to get support from civil and police officers apart from experts to conduct the probe fast on the illicit liquor racket.

DGP Dinkar Gupta on the Punjab liquor tragedy

Dinkar Gupta, the DGP of the Punjab police, had said that the Tarsikka police had arrested one Balwinder Kaur of Muchhal village. Under Sec. 304 of IPC, 61/1/14 of Excise Act.

He also said that an SIT or special investigation team with the Rural Amritsar SSP as the head formed to catch the culprits. Yesterday, July 31, two more were arrested by the team to take the total arrested accused of the toxic liquor tragedy in Punjab to eight.

Back to Back loss of elephants in Nilgiri Biosphere-15 deaths in 6 months. Why?

Elephants Death Nilgiri Coimbatore
Elephants Death Nilgiri Coimbatore

Coimbatore: A 11 year old Bull seen dead today in Nellimalai Reserved Forest of Mettupalayam region. It seems that the elephant roamed with severe mouth wounds for the past four days and the Forest Medical team rushed to treat the elephant. But due to the disparities in eating and failure of treatment, the bull lost its breath today.

Speaking about the Kallar Forest area of the Nilgiri Biosphere in Coimbatore, 15 elephants have died in the past six months which is disheartening. Specifically, ten elephants died in the Sirumugai forest of the Mettupalayam region alone, hiking the total number to 16 overall with the inclusion of recent death of the bull.

Elephants are said to be dying in the area due to elephant poaching, migratory encroachment, human-animal conflict and infections. A special team has been set up to detect the hidden reason behind the continuous loss of elephant lives in the Nilgiri forest area. Shockingly, one more death added up even before the team’s commencement of the investigation.

Examination of the bodies of dead elephants revealed the presence of stomach and intestinal infections in most elephants. Infections like this can occur due to eating of unhealthy food or unclean water. Therefore, it has been revealed that some elephants have died due to the infection.

The mystery behind the elephant deaths still prevails among the Forest Department and proper post mortem report is required to analyse the back to back deteriorations. However, the Forest Department claims that the massive fight between two species led to this condition but the official mysteries are not yet confirmed.

Environmental activist Osai Kalidas states that the continuous deaths in a particular place within a short span time require deeper analysis on the real reasons behind the loss of elephants. He also clears that it is an ok factor if the elephant dies naturally like every being, but the main consideration is if any human-made activities involved or behind the deaths.

Osai Kalidas requested the forest department to actively involve in drawing the report since the elephant loss in the Mettupalayam region is worrying because Asia’s highest number of elephants lives in the Nilgiri Biosphere and the Mettupalayam comes under it.

Proper awareness among the public about elephants should be encouraged to reduce the conflicts between man and animals since many elephants roam out in the farming lands in the Mettupalayam region.

National Education Policy, Kushboo tweets and KS Alagiri Reaction

Actress and Politician Kushboo
Actress and Politician Kushboo who supports NRP, Creates Mask Awarness during workmode

In these worst corona crisis time of highest infections above 50,000 yesterday and above 55,000 today, the central government approved the National Education Policy.

NEP or the National Education Policy is the new education system to be introduced in India. The draft of hundreds of pages was available only yesterday. But the general secretary of Congress, Kushboo, was first to welcome the National Education Policy in her twitter handle.

She also said that, though she is committed to Congress, she cannot be a robot to say yes and no. Reacting to it the Congress State President K S Alagiri said that all in Congress are open to express their opinion but not in a public forum.

Asked what action will be taken on Kushboo, he said that there is no connection between his tweet with that of Kushboo. And only on reading her tweets on National Education Policy, a final decision will be taken.