Watch VJ Chitra’s Calls Tamil Movie in Theatres

Calls Tamil Movie

Calls Tamil Movie

Calls (2021) Tamil Movie released worldwide yesterday in Theatres, VJ Chitra plays the lead role. The special about the movie is that Chitra is now only in everyone’s memory.

Chitra is making her debut as a heroine in this film, and many fans are eagerly awaiting to see the movie “Calls” released yesterday.

Director Sabreesh made his first movie, “Calls,” as a thriller movie with VJ Chitra, who has been shining as a presenter and actress on the Television screen.

VJ Chitra in Calls Tamil Movie

Based on some real-life incidents about women’s safety, Calls has been released and is being celebrated by fans after a long struggle to become a vibrant thriller film.

Chitra plays the role of Nandini, who works in a call center. Chitra, a middle-class woman working in a call center, is facing a problem in her life. The film also includes medical crime and women’s protection.

Like Chitra’s real-life, she makes her silver screen debut as a heroine in the story of the movie Calls, and every scene she disappears scares all of us.

Director Sabreesh has made it very clear how a woman working in the IT industry is treated and safe in this community to be better handled in the first film and makes everyone who watches it utter a word.

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