Vikram Prabhu Says his Thuppakki Munai Qualified him for Ponniyin Selvan
Vikram Prabhu in Ponniyin Selvan
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Vikram Prabhu Says his Thuppakki Munai Qualified him for Ponniyin Selvan

Vikram Prabhu says he does not understand nepotism. Being the grandson of the Tamil film industry’s legend Sivaji Ganesan, he says it was his journey in the film industry with its ups and downs. In his recent interview, he talks about his film career of nearly eight years now.
From the runaway hit of Kumki in 2012, Vikram has underplayed in the Tamil film industry, even coming from the topmost Tamil film family of Sivaji and Prabhu. He says waiting for the right role has made him act in Ponniyin Selvan now.
Vikram Prabhu says that he is both the director and the producer actor and has his limitations. Though not with many hits after Kumki, his role in Thuppkki Munai had made Mani Ratnam make him part of Ponniyin Selvan now.  Some excerpts from the said interview
  • I have struggled to reach this place in the film industry without anyone’s help and do not understand about nepotism.
  • Even after deciding to act in the movie, I took learning classes and was part of the theatre acting.
  • I am conscious of upholding the legacy of my father and grandfather in the film industry.
  • Learned about the film industry early during the release of Kumki, when everyone said it would be a flop until the day of release and the same people congratulated after it becoming a big hit.
  • A film is not only a hero’s product but only of a team effort coming fruitful.
  • I am selective of my roles and wait a lot for the right one, and even for my first movie Kumki, it took two years to complete the project.
  • After the release of Thuppaki Munai in 2018, directed by Dinesh, who was an assistant of Mani, it took one year to act in Vaanam Kottatum, directed by Dhana, incidentally also an assistant of Mani Ratnam.
  • He concludes that all good things take time, and it is worth waiting for the right one like Ponniyin Selvan now. 
Maybe Mani Ratnams magnum opus Ponniyin Selvan will give Vikram Prabhu a much-needed break for his future film career.

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