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Vijay Devarakonda is officially Hyderabad's Most Desirable Man of 2019

Vijay Devarakonda is now the most desirable man of 2019

Vijay Deverkonda, the muscle man, becomes Hyderabad's most desirable man 2019:

Tollywood's famous actors Prabhas, Ram Charan, and Maheshbabu have been displaced, and Vijay Deverkonda sweeps the heart of the Tollywood people and garnered a maximum number of votes. He has been conferred with the title "The most desired man of Hyderabad 2019".

The macho entered movies in 2011, where he debuted in Nuvvila but became high time popular pan India with his 2017 movie Arjun Reddy. This movie has been remade in other languages. Debuted into production in the movie named Meeku Maathrame Cheptha, Vijay puts on a different hat. In 2019 one of his movies, the highly anticipated World Famous Lover, did not receive the response as expected but played slightly low.

The actor does not stop there, but with full enthusiasm and learnings, he jumps into the zone of action to prove his dexterity. Unless this fire in him pushes forward, he would not have accumulated the votes and become the most desirable man of the city.

Vijay Devarkonda also said that this is just an appetizer, and delicious things are queued up. Ram Charan trails behind Vijay in the poll. Also, Vijay responded to one of the questions from the media about his personal life and said, "If at all I am in a relationship, I would rather open it up with my parents and friends before making it to public." Right, say from Vijay.

Currently, he is concentrating on two movies, Fighter and Hero. Hero has been stalled involuntarily for some time now. Fighter was in full swing before it got interrupted by Corona. It was progressing rapidly in Mumbai, but for Corona, it would have been in full swing. Vijay pairs up with Ananya Pandey in the movie which is co-produced by Karan Johar.

Vijay Devarakonda is officially Hyderabad's Most Desirable Man of 2019