Vanitha vijayakumar and Peter Paul
Vanitha Vijayakumar after breakup with Peter Paul says No one in my life has ever rejected me. I will be the one to reject.

Vanitha’s marital status, recently, social media flaunts the separation news of the actress and Peter Paul due to the uncontrollable drinking behavior of Paul, which has been an allegation by the actress via her own YouTube channel.

Actress Vanitha and Peter Paul recently got married, and Vanitha broke up after Peter Paul got into an alcohol addiction argument.

It was reported on the social networking site that Vanitha had tried to rejoin Peter Paul in this situation, but he did not accept her Commenting on this, Vanitha said on Twitter, “Rumors spread that I had tried to reconcile and that it had not been accepted.

No one in my life has ever rejected me. I will be the one to reject. I had already come out unable to tolerate more than a point trying to fix my relationships. I can’t live a life of lies. So stop imagining.

The two of us talked after the last video I posted. He has made a decision. I can not live without it. His ex-wife and children are amazed that he said no. I am deceived in love. I will focus on future projects next. I have no relationship with him. I go my way”.

However, Vanitha’s fourth marriage also did not evolve well, resulting in separation. But the controversial queen will face life even more boldly in the future.