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Valimai Trailer Directed By H. Vinoth Starring Ajith Is Set To Release Today

Valimai Poster

The long-awaited day of the fans has come a long way. The trailer of the movie Valaimai starring Ajith is releasing today. Ajith fans are getting ready to celebrate the Valimai movie trailer.

'Valimai' starring Ajith is the most anticipated film not only in Tamil cinema but also in India and globally. This anticipation across the world made the hashtag Valimai update hit the trend and go viral. The longing that started among the fans since the announcement of the film has now turned into a huge wave.

The smallest news about the movie Valimai has not gone unnoticed on social media. From the day one shoot of Valimai, all the updates are hitting the social media with many likes and retweets. In this case, the news that the trailer of the movie Valimai will be released this evening and this update has taken the fans to the peak of excitement.

The first official visual update of Valimai was the motion picture with Yuvan Bgm, followed by the first single, Glimpses of Valimai, the Second single, making of valimai and then the Valimai whistle theme. And the fans are excited about the Valimai trailer, which will be released today at 6.30 pm. 

Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi has joined up with Ajith in the film 'Valimai'. Yuvanshankar Raja is composing the music for the film, which is being produced by Bonnie Kapoor. Ajith fans are frantically waiting for the movie 'Valimai', which has been in production for more than a year. As announced earlier by the movie crew, the Valimai movie will be released on Pongal 2022.

Valimai Trailer Directed By H. Vinoth Starring Ajith Is Set To Release Today