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Valimai Teaser Release, Fans Waiting Eagerly For Further Updates

Valimai Poster

The fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the Valimai teaser as there was a talk that there will Valimai update today. The fans have been waiting for the update from the morning, but now they are disappointed because there is no pop up on any updates so far.

It has been almost three years since fans of actor Ajith Kumar saw him on screen. None of Ajith's films has been released since the release of Nerkonda Paarvai in 2019. Finally, there came an update on Valimai with the combo of Boney Kapoor, Actor Ajith Kumar, Yuvan and H. Vinod. After this announcement, no other update was put forth for a very long time.

Fans lost patience as no announcement was made about the film for the next one year. Following this Valimai update became the famous hashtag, and the fans started asking about the Valimai movie even to the cricketer Ashwin. 

Over the last four months, the announcement of the film has been released one by one and has attracted a lot of fans. The film's making video, glimpse, motion picture, songs, and everything released so far has been a gift to the fan's patience. And it is confirmed that the movie Valimai will be released in Pongal 2022.

It is said that the film has been certified U / A by the Censorship Board. The film is U / A certified because of its high fight scenes and cannabis smuggling scenes. Also, it is aired that the movie duration is 2 hr 46 minutes. After so many updates, Ajith fans are now eagerly waiting for its teaser.

Valimai Teaser Release, Fans Waiting Eagerly For Further Updates