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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Test Positive for Covid-19

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Test Coronavirus Positive

Forrest Gump actor and famous Hollywood star Tom Hanks and his wife Rita test positive for Coronavirus. Yesterday, March 11, in his twitter handle, this two-time Oscar-winning star confirms of Coronavirus while in Australia for shooting Elvis. He also warns the world to take care and says that he and his wife will abide by all the precautions needed, including isolation as long as possible.

Tom Hanks has now made the seriousness of Coronavirus for the world to know.  But now, in his oval office address, President Trump says that the virus has no chance against humans. And no nation is more prepared than the US in tackling the virus. This speech, according to CNBC, had sowed confusion in the states, and immediately the Dow Jones index fell by 1,000 points now.

The confusion is because apart from Tom Hanks confirming Coronavirus infection, the US had announced a ban on all Europeans except the UK to come to the US. It will affect trade and tourism. On one side, saying nothing severe and on the other hand, banning travel from Europe and other countries is confusing the Americans. Already the NBA games are canceled, schools and colleges closed, Washington city announcing a state of emergency and stock markets plunging due to trade fall fears in the future. Added to all this now, Trump, for his part, is creating havoc in America.

Meanwhile, in India, Sensex dropped another nearly 3,000 points now from morning trading. The continued blood bath is washing away the share value of the investors. Ambani is only second to Jack Ma as the wealthiest Asian now.  With today's fall of the stock markets, it could end up in carnage for many companies and investors.

The infected person toll is now 67 in India. After WHO officially announced Coronavirus as a pandemic, which means it is global, India has canceled all travelers' visas.  It is like quarantining India from travelers from anywhere in the world. Only people coming from the UN or united nations, WHO or world health organization, and other critical employment and other reasons can come into India. Central health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan after a meeting on the Coronavirus, had recommended the decision to the government.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Test Positive for Covid-19