Kangana Renaut first loook in Thalaivi (2021) Movie
Thalaivi (2021) movie trailer is released today in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. It is the biopic of the Iron Lady J. Jayalalitha.

Kangana Ranaut is celebrating her birthday with the Thalaivi trailer. This movie is a biography of J. Jayalalitha crossed many obstacles to sit on the throne being a single lady.

Charming Face of Kangana Ranaut in Thalaivi (2021) Movie

J. Jayalalithaa is the strongest woman who inspired many females by her vibrant speeches and by the knowledge she gained through reading books.

J. Jayalalithaa seated on Chief Minister Chair six times in Tamil Nadu. She was holding the name Iron Lady facing men being a single female.

As chief minister, J. Jayalalithaa announced many schemes for women and the state. The State people. Call her ‘AMMA’ (MOTHER).

She did her best throughout her life journey and pave her own path for existence.

And the movie Thalaivi is a biopic of such a beautiful and intelligent female J. Jayalalithaa.

The role of J. Jayalalitha been played by Kangana Ranaut, giving her fullest effort for the perfect outcome of the movie.

Thalaivi (2021) Movie Trailer in Tamil

And today, she is celebrating her birthday by releasing the trailer of Thalaivi. The trailer has released in three languages Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu.

The movie projects J. Jayalalithaa’s life as actress and as a Politician. Kangana has done fantastic work in this movie which must be appreciated in every scenes.

Kangana Ranaut maintained her physic according to the variance of the age. When it comes to showcasing the filming age, she looks young with slender body and when it comes to the Political field, her look totally changes.

Kangana lived in the role of J. Jayalalithaa through out the movie as a result she looks so impressive in the retro looks.

Retro Look of Kangana Ranaut in Thalaivi (2021) Movie