Film Producer JSK Requests Tamil Heroes to Cut off their Salaries

Film Producer JSK Requests Heroes

Producers ask film Heroes to Cut down their salaries:
Money shortage is currently a top gear problem due to this lockdown situation all around the nation.CoronaVirus is increasing rapidly day by day in Tamilnadu, making the shutdown a do or die crisis.
Meanwhile, JSK Film Corporation owner and producer Sathish Kumar has put forth a request for all the heroes out there in the industry to cut down their salaries due to the CoVid-19 lockdown situation JSK humbly tweeted as “I kindly request the following on behalf of the entire Tamil film industry during this time of crisis and for the welfare of our industry. Let’s join hands and support ourselves. Thank you”.
The producer focuses on shorting out the dumping of more money within wealthy persons concerning the goodness of low key workers living in the industry. Not only in the movie industry, but CoVid shutdown is also affecting the whole nation and its people as a global pandemic. So it’s good for the high professional inside the industry to think about the plea to overcome the hard times.
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