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Suriya Donets 10 Lakhs for the FEFSI Workers After a Request From R. K. Selvamani

Suriya Helps FEFSI Workers

CoronaVirus pandemic hikes every day, gradually shutting down the normal life in more than 100 countries around the world. From December to March, the CoVid-19 lit is unstoppable and remains pandemic as per the World Health Organisation's announcement till today.

The whole world is shutting down slowly due to the CoronaVirus outbreak, and the Film Employees Federation of South India announced its lockdown on March 19.

With regards to the phone call heartthrob from a FEFSI worker who faces disparities to meet his daily ends due to the Corona lockdown, FEFSI President R.K.Selvamani has released a press note as a film industry workers appeal.

It strongly requested the actors, actress, directors, and producers who are in an ample helping position to support the 25,000 Film Employees who work in various departments of the industry.

It's been 50 years of FEFSI now with several quarrels, lockdowns of our workers regarding wage, safety, and much more localized problems. But now the case is different, and the world is dying faster than we expect. Based on the tears of a lightman in the industry, FEFSI appeals to each and every well-wishers of the industry to donate as much as possible to settle the basic needs of our low-level employees.

Selvamani also quoted that as per the calculation of giving a bag of rice for 10,000 people needs one crore amount. To be accurate, the film federation is in need of Rs.2 crores solidly to fulfill the food requirements of our 25,000 workers for a month.

Immediately after hearing the hectic words from FEFSI worker via R.K.Selvamani, "It's okay if I get Corona than my kids die without meals," Suriya and Karthi along with their father Sivakumar donated RS.10 lakhs to the Film Employees Federation of South India. This is a huge step forward by the Agaram brothers, who are tireless if it's for a socially responsible cause.

Suriya Donets 10 Lakhs for the FEFSI Workers After a Request From R. K. Selvamani