Suresh Chakravarthy Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Contestant

Suresh Chakravarthy evicted last week in Bigg Boss season 4 Tamil hosted by Kamal Hasan. Believed as the strongest player of the season, Suresh Chakravarthy played the game tactically in the beginning days.

But due to his short temper and adamant behavior with the contestants made him a zero content creator throughout last week.

Actually, Somsekhar has to get eliminated this time, but Suresh’s family requested with high pressure to get Suresh back home. The main reason for the request is Suresh’s health issue and his adamancy in taking foods properly.

Meanwhile, contestants expressed an emotional bid, but Suresh Chakravarthy handled the eviction to be easy going outside despite inner feelings.

His easy way of bid though, triggered the public, the problem cracker fired again, coming out via Agam Tv targeting contestants inside the BB house as requested by Kamal Hasan.

Sanam Shetty, Somsekhar and Suresh Chakravarthy rolled in the eviction list without being saved until last night. Though guesses revolved as Sanam or Som, destiny turned into another zone evicting Suresh Chakravarthy.

However, the remaining people inside the house are more dangerous in their terms of BB game. Let us watch Aari, Balaji and Samyuktha friendly hugs lasting time in the coming weeks.

Aari being the captain from now on, there will be no restriction in enthusiasm.