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Shah Rukh Khan on Religion: I am Muslim, My Wife is Hindu and My Kids are Indian

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan's Patriotism blossoms once again on this 71st Republic Day: Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan, presenting on a private television show, has made his position clear on religion. That video of him is currently going viral on the web.

The 71st Republic Day was celebrated nationwide on January 26, 2020, as the nation struggles against the CAA. When the anti-CAA voice came up, it was alleged that some prominent Bollywood celebrities, including Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, were not commenting on the issue.

Reporters also questioned Aamir Khan, who was in Tamil Nadu for the shooting. But he went unanswered. Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan, who attended a private television show last night, has made his position clear on religion.

Shah Rukh Khan's View on Religion:

In the popular Tv show on the Republic Day celebration, Bollywood Bashaah affirmed his view on religion, stating that "I am Muslim, my wife is Hindu, and our children are Indian. We don't talk about religion in our home. When my children went to school, they asked me to write about religion.

My daughter came one day and said, what is our religion? She asked. I wrote in her application - We are Indian; we have no religion". Shah Rukh further cleared that  "I do not pray five times a day. Yet I am a Muslim. I believe in the principles of Islam. It is a good religion, and I believe there is good discipline in it."

We have added the name Khan is our adjective. He said that it is the solution to many problems in the country, rather than the religion of one person and the feeling that everyone is Indian.

This video is going viral on the internet. Shahrukh Khan's speech has garnered a lot of praise from fans. Shah Rukh Khan's starring movie after Zero has not announced yet. It was reported that Atlee would be directing the film starring Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role very soon.

Shah Rukh Khan on Religion: I am Muslim, My Wife is Hindu and My Kids are Indian