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Actor R Parthiban Requests to Set Safety Managers to prevent Accidents at Shooting Spots

R Parthiban Requests Safety Managers at Shooting Spots

Another accident in a shooting spot in Chennai: For the past two weeks, Indian 2 shooting accident deaths were the hot talk not only in the film world but also among the general public. Before even of its dust settling, one more accident happened in one shooting spot in the heart of Chennai.

Part of a film set at Senthil studios in Saligrammam was up in flames today, February 28. In reply to such accidents in film shooting spots, Parthiban insists on having a separate manager for safety in shooting places.

Saligramam is one place next to Kodambakkam in Chennai, surrounded by many studios. Now with becoming the center of Chennai, most of them moved out of it. Only a few exist in Saligramam and Senthil studios is one of them. A ready-made set is available for shooting for movies there, and movies like Mari, Jilla, Kabali are the recent movies taken at Senthil studios.

Today a part of the already formed set is gutted, and since no one was there during the fire, fortunately, there are no casualties reported. Local police are now conducting a preliminary investigation in Senthil  Studios on the causes of the fire accident.

FEFSI president R K Selvamani has already wanted all the producers to safeguard their members during a film shooting in Tamil Nadu. Multiple film personalities and an experienced vocal critic R Parthiban while speaking to reporters in Coimbatore today, said that a separate manager for safety should be appointed in all shootings. He also said that he is going to write a letter to the producers' council regarding the appointing of safety managers.

Famous stunt master Jaguar Thangam spoke a lot of things about such shooting spot accidents and the ways to prevent including

  • These accidents are only due to carelessness and mainly due to using mobile phones in one hand and working with the other hand.
  • The responsibility of the set lies with those in charge of erecting the sets for the film shooting.
  • The producer or the director has their jobs to do, and only the set department should be responsible for such accidents.
  • When a house is built, will the owner be without care to cause a fire to the house, like that in shooting sports, the sets should be taken care of not to lose huge money and priceless lives.

Actor R Parthiban Requests to Set Safety Managers to prevent Accidents at Shooting Spots