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Recent Family Photos Of Actor Ajith With His Children Goes Viral

Actor Ajith Latest Family Photos

Actor Ajith Kumar's photo with his wife Shalini and his Children is currently going viral on social media. Actor Ajith's Valimai movie was released last week in theatres and received a wider range of good responses from the audience. The fans celebrated the movie like a festival. Ajith fans were satisfied with the film. 

It is very well known that actor Ajith is getting ready for his next movie, #AK61, under the direction of H.Vinod and produced by Booney Kapoor. It is also said that actor action is coming up in two getups in his forthcoming movie, and so it is rumoured that actor Ajith has decided to lose up to 20 kg for the film. After the Valimai update, Ajith fans are now started to wait for his upcoming movie updates. 

Meanwhile, the photos of Ajith Kumar with his wife Shalini, daughter Anoshka and son Advik in a new beard has gone viral on the internet. Netizens have been trending the photo on Twitter. Ajith fans are posting and sharing this stunning side pose of Ajith Kumar with a salt and pepper hairstyle.

Recent Family Photos Of Actor Ajith With His Children Goes Viral