Samyuktha Eliminated Bigg Boss
Being liked by all the co-contestants, Samyuktha gained a friendship with most of them inside the house, but outside people made it obvious and eliminated Samyuktha in recent weeks.

Bigg Boss reality show hosted by Ulaganayagan Kamal Hasan has completed 57 days successfully with model Samyuktha as the last evicted contestant till date.

Though Samyuktha was nominated lately by the Topple card winner Anitha Sampath in last week eviction process. But due to tough luck, Samyuktha got evicted from the Bigg Boss Tamil house after surviving more than 55 days.

Being liked by all the co-contestants, Samyuktha gained a friendship with most of them inside the house, but outside people made it obvious and eliminated Samyuktha in recent weeks.

Samyuktha Bigg Boss Photos
Samyuktha Bigg Boss Photos

Thinking about how a woman with so many supporters inside the BB house got evicted, the reason clearly comes out as Samyuktha carried out a safe and secure game with alike BB participants.

People handling by Samyuktha was the major reason for eviction because she soft-tricks with friendly contestants and uses harsh words with those she had opinion clashes.

Model and Entrepreneur Samyuktha expresses personal grudge with people inside the house, which is very obvious in every term for the public.

Meanwhile, proving the fact, Samyuktha’s friend-zoned Balaji, Shivani, Archana, Ramya, Nisha, Somsekhar, Aajeedh inside the house.

Archana and Team in Bigg Boss
Archana and Team in Bigg Boss

Accordingly, she acts calm and composed with those people irrespective of their faults and opinions.

But when it comes to Aari, Sanam, and Anitha Sampath, Samyuktha exaggerates things in an ill-manner, claiming her as correct with friend contestants’ support.

Samyuktha Evicted from Bigg Boss

Expect the unexpected tag line of Bigg Boss came true in Samyuktha’s eviction because supporters and gang are not what people need from BB house.

Despite all they need is individuality and withstanding ability: Aari, Sanam, Anitha and Ramya have more than others inside the house.

However, motherhood has been great chaos and issue from Samyuktha with Aari Arjunan but Kamal Hasan clarified by playing a short film inside the house.

Aari in Bigg Boss Tamil
Aari in Bigg Boss Tamil

Despite all, as per truth triumphs, fans will drive the worthy contestants to the final stage, similar to every season, hoping the good in this fourth Bigg boss too.

Bigg Boss Call center task restarted again and it was stopped due to Nivar Cyclone.

Last week Competitors in the Bigg Boss house have been evacuated due to the Nivar cyclone and are staying in a safe place.

Due to the storm all the contestants vacated the Bigg Boss house and had to stay in another shelter. The next day, the contestants were brought back home.

Recap Bigg Boss Call center

On Day 54 , Nisha made a call to Anitha from the confession room. Comedian Nisha questioned Anitha about the distance in the relationship recently as she was close at first when Bigg Boss started.

Nisha opted for the nomination as Anitha did not put up the call till the end.

Bigg Boss Tamil Nisha Photos

Aari next phoned Shivani as a second caller of the day and asked whether Balaji is friendly or romantic. Shivani replied that it is purely a friendship with care and there is no point in love.

There was an argument as Rio Raj and Sanam Shetty were already fighting. Sanam asked if there should be as much harmony as we have in the negotiations. But Rio Raj said he didn’t want to talk further.

Sanam and Balaji indirectly asked permission from captain Rio Raj through vice-captain Shivani Narayanan to sleep sometime.

Rio permitted it with hesitation, but after some time, the dog barked inside the Bigg Boss house continuously and it’s Nisha who was sleeping that time.

Bigg Boss Archana and Rio
Bigg Boss Archana and Rio

Coming inside the house after delaying, Rio Raj reacted less, seeing Nisha sleeping as Nisha and Archana argued and stranded as she did not sleep.

It was announced that call center task would be postponed to next week. When asked to select the three best performers this week, they all chose Bala, Ramya and Jithan Ramesh.

Aari and Rio Raj were sent to jail claiming the reason as less involved candidates of this week.