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Ready Player One virtual reality by Steven Spielberg

Ready Player One. Photo credit - Warner Bros

James Cameron gave us some world top blockbuster movie like AVATAR, which not only changed future of cinematography but also the audience view of watching such extraordinary concept and technologically carved movies, seriously those movies have also changed the views of many other directors.

A lot of people still remember the number of times they watched AVATAR movie in 2009 and many expected its sequel will be in near future. But unfortunately, its almost a decade just swept away for many by just waiting for its sequel. In 2014, director James Cameron announced its 3 sequels but still no official screening dates have been announced for those upcoming sequels. But the long-term wait to taste a sci-fi movie is now motioning towards the cliff with another realistic director.

He is none other than Steven Spielberg, who gave us a real feel of Dinosaurs. "Ready Player One" is an upcoming movie from Steven Spielberg that will be in a worldwide race from this March-29-2018. Official reports confirmed that the movie based on Ernest Cline's 2011 top-best selling novel READY PLAYER ONE.

Reports from a trusted source also claiming that story of the movie READY PLAYER ONE revolves around the year 2045, visualizing those people who are spending their lives in virtual reality game world through a gaming company called OASIS and a task given by Its founder.

The main theme is of the movie is to find the Easter Egg which was hidden somewhere in the game world. The race of Easter Egg starts from the video released by the OASIS founder who offers his entire OASIS kingdom to the one who finds the Easter Egg.  

Ready Player One virtual reality by Steven Spielberg