Queen Web Series of Ramya Krishnan as Jayalalitha is out now
There are even scenes with MGR shown as GMR, and the character of MGR is not suitable as Ramya Krishnan for Jayalalithaa. Queen web series trailer is out
Queen trailer promises more of Jayalalithaa by Gautham Menon: Through Queen, Jayalalithaa is back from dead. After her demise three years back, only now two biopics of her is doing the rounds. Though director Vijay’s Thalaivi teaser was released on 26 November, it is Gautham Menon’s Queen trailer released today on December 5, which is stealing the show now.
It portrays the experienced Ramya Krishnan as the Jayalalitha, but the name changed to Shakthi Sheshadri, and there are other actors for the younger mother in the trailer. MX player series with more than 350+ million viewers in India is sure the best bet for Amma’s biopic for all over India.
Gautham Menon should be a happy man with his Enai Noki Paayum Thota release and the Queen Trailer sending ripples across India. The trailer speaks volumes of his directorial skills in bringing the versatile Amma from her school days until her ruling days of Tamil Nadu.
He is directing along with Prasath Murugesana of Kidari movie fame, the web series for MX Player, to be telecasted from 14 December. The first season is set to have 11 episodes and depending on the response, and more will be released the grapevine doing the rounds.
The trailer is good with Gautham Menon’s touch and eloquence. All the key factors known to the public are shown in the trailer. Jayalalitha was state topper in her 10th standard public exam is well portrayed in the trailer. There are even scenes with MGR shown as GMR, and the character of MGR is not suitable as Ramya Krishnan for Jayalalithaa. MX player is set to be the clear winner to increase its presence in India with Queen web series. 
The 2.45 minutes trailer shows some interesting things like
  • It starts with a schoolgirl walking confidently with her back to the camera and an interviewer announcing the pride of Jayalalitha
  • Jayalalitha’s name in the movie seems to Sakthi Seshadri, and many actors perform her character from school student to the beautiful heroine of movies
  • Gautham Menon touch of Jayalalitha calling MGR as GMR and narrating private moments between the two
  • Then comes to her political role and the antagonist roles are not shown correctly in the trailer
  • The scene of Jayalalitha standing erect next to the dead body of MGR taken in a magnificent filmy way
  • There is a scene of her falling which could be her last days in the Poes Garden residence
  • The trailer ends with her saying, you need not give birth to children to become a mother and also her this is just the beginning.