Prithviraj Sukumaran, with his Crew, stuck in Jordan Due to Coronavirus lockdown

Prithiviraj stuck in Jordan

Prithiviraj stuck in Jordan

Popular Mollywood actor Prithviraj Sukumaran has been in the shooting process of Malayalam film Aadujeevitham in the Arab nation's Wadi Rum desert of Jordan region. Unfortunately, Prithviraj and his 58 crew members under Blessy's direction have got stuck in the camp of Wadi Rum on March 27 while shooting.

The actor informed about his Aadujeevitham crew's lockdown situation in the deserts of Jordan. He also stated the crew and his wellness out of the CoVid contagion with the help of crew doctors along with Government doctors of Jordan.

Prithviraj connected to the Indian Government and his fans to convey his current state of inconvenience in the shooting camp in Jordan sands via Instagram story today.

After the approval from the Jordan government, Aadujeevitham team, with a group of 58 technicians began their second schedule in the sands of Wadi Rum and planned to shoot until the second week of April. But the Jordan officials reversed the approval on March 27 with a high alert and precautionary measures inside the state in regards to the pandemic CoronaVirus.

The team is running out of food, supplies as the planning stock up is made till April second week. However, the actor penned that he, along with the team, is waiting for the first appropriate opportunity to get back home ground.

As a step to inform the Indian Government about the teams' stranded situation in Jordan, Prithviraj has written a long post stating their safety towards CoVid and unavailability to come back to India as,

"Hello, all. I hope everyone is holding up and doing their best to stay safe during these tough times. On 24/03/2020, the shooting of Aadujeevitham in Jordan was temporarily stopped due to the prevailing circumstances. But after an appraisal of our situation, the authorities were convinced that our unit was isolated and operating safely within the confines of the Wadi Rum desert, and hence, we were given the go-ahead for the shoot.

Unfortunately, soon after, the prevailing restrictions in Jordan had to be further strengthened as a precautionary measure, and as a result, our shoot permission was revoked on 27/03/2020. Following that, our team has been staying at the desert camp in Wadi Rum. We have now been told that immediate permission for the shoot to resume is unlikely due to the situation, and hence, our next best option would be to return to India at the first available opportunity.

As we had originally planned to stay and shoot in Wadi Rum till the 2nd week of April, our accommodation, food, and supplies are taken care of for the immediate future. But obviously, what happens beyond that timeline is a matter of concern. We have a doctor in our team who's carrying out medical check-ups for each member of the crew every 72 hours, and we are also subjected to periodic check-ups by a govt appointed Jordanian doctor.

We completely understand that given the circumstances around the world, our team of 58 might not be the biggest concern of authorities back home now, and rightfully so. But we also felt that it was our duty to let all concerned know about the situation and keep them updated. There are thousands of Indians around the world waiting to get back home and we hope when the appropriate time and opportunity arrives, we are also able to come back to India. Till then, I hope all of you stay safe, and let's collectively hope and pray that life gets back to normal soon".

Prithviraj Sukumaran, with his Crew, stuck in Jordan Due to Coronavirus lockdown