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Prakash Raj And Vishal Condemn Act Of Anti Padmaavat Activists Attacking School Bus

Prakash Raj And Vishal condemn Act Of Anti Padmaavat Activists Attacking School Bus

Padmaavat has been screened in various states in India and receives outstanding responses from audience and critics. Meantime there are severe protests and violence by some anti-padmaavat activists in major states like Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharasthra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

As the peak of the extremism, today, Karni Sena protestors attacked school bus that had several school kids and teachers. The video of this is going viral on the net. It shows school children's are terrified by their action.

Celebrities like Prakash Raj and Vishal condemned the act of Karni Sena in their twitter handle. Vishal shared it is shame on Karni Sena for attacking innocent kids. Prakash Raj through his #justasking hash tag said school children are stranded in fear in the vehicle. The government and opposite parties should be ashamed to trade on children's safety for the vote bank.

Vishal tweeted "Shame on u Karni sena for attackin innocent school kids. Wer is this headin. How cud that thought even occur."

Prakash Raj texted "Children of my country shiver with fear and cry....as karni Sena attacks a school bus....The elected Government looks the other way..The opposition party diplomatically reacts...aren’t u all ashamed to trade our children’s safety ..for ur vote bank politics..#justasking"

The movie had been banned by Madhya Pradesh and Haryana government even after Supreme Court ordered to screen the movie on theatres. The government and activists say Rani Padmavati is portrayed in bad light as she is romancing Alauddin Khiji. The team and the audience said there are no such scenes and their protests are unnecessary thing.

Nearly 31 people have been detained or arrested for attacking school buses in Gurgaon to stop screening of Padmaavat. There were 18 arrested in Bhondsi for attacking and burning the buses.

Prakash Raj And Vishal Condemn Act Of Anti Padmaavat Activists Attacking School Bus