No audience Interested in Sangathalaivan Tamil Movie but Piracy websites

Sangathalaivan Tamil Movie Poster

Sangathalaivan Tamil Movie Poster

Sangathalaivan Tamil movie starring Karunas and Samuthirakani has been released on Friday 26th Feb 2021. The film, which has not been released for many years, has been released in theaters yesterday.

Karunas, the protagonist of the story, fights to get justice for the co-worker who survived an accident in a power loom.

They seek the help of Samuthirakani against the employer who tries to deceive them and get medical expenses and compensation. Thus the angry boss takes revenge on them.

Samuthirakani in Sangathalaivan Tamil Movie

We saw these stories in many movies, at least twenty years ago, though the director has taken this film with the belief that it could create any impact.

Although many directors take old stories, they will set the screenplay to suit this period and make people watch it. But the director has taken the twenty-year-old story and said that he is raising awareness among the people.

Although the recently released Chakra movie was lively, it did not get much crowd in the theaters. But for Sangathalaivan Tamil movie, it is tough to get at least 50 audiences per show, worried theatre people.

Karunas in Sangathalaivan Tamil Movie

In this case, the Sangathalaivan Tamil Full movies have leaked several prints on the internet, causing great loss to the production team, who have struggled and brought it to the screen.

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