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Newsreader Anitha Sampath as 5th Contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil

Newsreader Anitha Sampath as 5th Contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil

Newsreader Anitha Sampath as 5th Contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil

Popular Newsreader Anitha Sampath has emerged as the 5th contestant in the Bigg Boss show hosted by Kamal Haasan. She has also previously appeared in minor roles in films like Sarkar and Kappan.

Writer R.C. Sampath’s daughter Anitha Sampath first joined as a newsreader for channels such as Polimer TV and News7 Tamil. Later she becomes a leading newsreader on Sun TV.

Anitha’s graceful beauty and Tamil accent went viral on the internet. Anitha, who is active on the social networking site, has become a favorite fan newsreader.

Anitha, who got married last year, has continued to be a newsreader ever since. Also starred as a doctor in a web series on YouTube called Emergency.

Bigg Boss Tamil Anitha Sampath Family Photo

It is noteworthy that many internet celebrities like RJ Ananda and Harija starred with her in that series.

Following that, Anitha started her own YouTube channel, Anithasampath Vlogs. Which is to share tips for women, how to decorate the house? and more tips.

Now the rumours have been confirmed that Anitha Sampath is going to go to the Bigg Boss Tamil house.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 – All Contestants Photos

Last year Anitha fell in love with Prabha and got married. Even after the wedding, some of her beautiful latest photos went viral on social media.

So for some reason, he may have been invited to go to this Bigg Boss house. However, it is safe to say that the younger generation well-received his visit.

Speaking after making her debut as the fifth contestant, Anitha, Kamal had earlier said that she and her father and husband are your biggest fans.

She also said that his father Sampath, was a great writer, and he would be proud to think that I was going to the Bigg Boss house.

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