Ponmagal Vandhal Movie Poster
Ponmagal Vandhal has now come on Amazon Prime and also in Tamilrockers as usual within few mins time with original print.

Ponmagal Vandhal has now come on Amazon Prime and also in Tamilrockers as usual. Now the difference is that people who do not have Amazon Prime do not have to wait for few days for the Tamil Rockers to release the original print, as it is already available now.

Maybe even Amazon Prime knows it will happen, but still bought the movie for a considerable amount to start the release of such full-fledged movies meant for theatre to start releasing in OTT platforms. But will it affect the future of movies releasing in theaters is the debate going on among all the interested stakeholders of Tamil and Indian cinema now.

Ponmagal Vandhal a fantastic film

Ponmagal Vandal is a fantastic film for the debutant director JJ Fredrick. Jyothika, with her spectacular performance, steals the show to bring the movie live even on the OTT platform and Tamil Rockers site. The film is a court drama that highlights the need for even the male children to be brought up in a proper way like the female children and it is a must watch for the whole family.

Apart from Jyothika, it is Prathiban who takes significant credit for a performance to match that of Jyothika. Also, Bhagyaraj, Prathap Bothan, Pandiarajan, and Thiagarajan, all successful directors have done their acting part well. Though the movie seems to be a little slow with not many twists, as it is only to prove the innocence of an accused in the brutal killing of young girls, in other aspects, it is worth the watch.

Photo: Actor Parthiban in court scene in Ponmagal Vandhal

Suriya may face trouble releasing Soorai Potru

But for the producer of the movie Suriya, it may bring in a lot of problems in the future. With his big-budget movie Soorarai Potru ready for release and could not be sold to any OTT platform like Amazon or even Netflix as its budget is beyond their buying power. With Tamil Rockers playing spoilsport and the ranking going down with them releasing the original print now, it will make it difficult for even average budget films to be bought by such OTT platforms in the future.

Soorarai Pottru Movie Poster

Netflix or Amazon cannot outsmart theaters

Netflix started in 1997, now has 180 million subscribers and Amazon Prime haswith 150 million subscribers. But it did not stop Hollywood movies from collecting vast amounts on their release in the last many years. Though it is convenient and financially better to watch movies on smartphones or other gadgets, the thrill and enjoyment of watching movies in theaters have outsmarted all these platforms for a long time now.

Glory of theaters

Though Tamil Nadu theaters are not seeing their golden times of the 1970s and 1980s when a new movie release is a celebration across the state. The theaters are like temples flogged by thousands and thousands of energetic people, both young and old, waiting for hours to see their favorite stars and movies. Still, theaters have a unique place for Tamil people to enjoy the film on the big screen.

In the last more than 100 years, Tamil cinema has seen it all from the invasion of TV, internet, Tamil Rockers privacy, now OTT, and it is only going strong. Even this corona crisis will also not stop the talented Tamil cinema and its theaters to come back to its past glory soon.