Nayae Peyae Tamil Movie Poster
Nayae Peyae movie released with 50 percent theatre occupancy. In this situation, Tamilrockers leaked Nayae Peyae full movie download Online

Despite the many ghost films that have come out with the new story, the Nayae Peyae film is somewhat worth watching.

Following the release of the morning show in the theater, the full movie in the afternoon show leaked on the Tamilrockers website.

GopiKrishna has produced and directed by Sakthivasan’s, Nayae Peyae starring choreographer Dinesh. NR Raghunandan composed the music for the film Nayae Peyae.

Due to Corona infection, the Tamil Nadu government permitted to run the theater with only 50 percent seats, but the collections for the newly released films will low.

In this situation, the Tamilrockers website has uploaded Nayae Peyae movie several HD Prints online. which will affect the movie box office collection.

Although there are already many ghost films are out, it is common for people to see films with a new story in the theater.

How is the movie Nayae Peyae?

The protagonist lives his life without any plans for the future. He is not in a permanent job and occasionally engages in petty thefts, and is happy with his money.

He plans to kidnap a girl with his friends. The woman they want to kidnap is already dead and haunted, and they kidnap her without even knowing it.

After the kidnapping of the girl, they are revealed to be haunted by some traumatic events.

The protagonist begins to fall in love without knowing that she is a ghost and tries to fall in love even after knowing that she is a ghost.

The climax of the film thrills on what happened to his love and friends. Director added some comedy which is not that much strong to the content but still watchable.

Nayae Peyae movie released with 50 percent theatre occupancy in all Tamil Nadu Theatres as per Government due to Covid crisis.

In this situation, websites like Tamilrockers leaked Nayae Peyae full movie online for free download, causing loss to the producer.