STR and Mysskin
After the action thriller project with Arun Vijay, Mysskin confirmed that he will rope in STR for another action thriller.

Wondering how it’ll be like to see STR under the direction of the classic cult filmmaker Mysskin because Mysskin has just confirmed his team up with STR for his new action thriller.

This announcement of Mysskin would be both a shock and a surprise for both STR and Mysskin fans. Currently, Mysskin is all set to direct Arun Vijay in another action thriller. As per the source, the shoot will commence soon after lockdown ends. Vijay Raghavendra of All in Pictures is funding the combination of Arun Vijay and Mysskin.

After the cult ‘Pshyco,’ Myssking seems constantly engaged in roping existing bigshots to his next projects. In that way, STR is all ready to join the director Mysskin who believes in writing thriller poems on the screen, which is always welcomed.

STR’s Maanaadu is still undershooting under the direction of Venkat Prabhu. Maanaadu has already created a big expectation among the fans of STR, which is currently on the rise. Now, the graph is believed to go up after the STR project, and Mysskin enters the screens.

Director Mysskin also confirmed his idea of roping Vadivelu or Vivek for a comedian role in his project with STR as the action thriller has a comedian role traveling throughout the script.