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Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area Introductory Teaser Release

Money Heist Korean Poster

The 'Money Heist' web series, which has a huge fan base worldwide, is currently being remade in the Korean language following its end. In this case, Netflix has released a teaser to announce the cast in the Korean language. 

The Spanish Web Series Money Heist is one of the famous series watched worldwide. Money Heist has a separate fan base globally. Money Heist has five seasons in total, and all the episodes will go without boring. This web series gained attention among the youngsters through its storyline. 

The Money Heist web series is about the biggest bank robbery that a clever robber can do intelligently. How does the robber commit the biggest bank robbery without leaving any trace? How will the heist members escape? These are the big questions that will revolve in viewers' minds while watching this series.

Every episode will run for 1 hour, and it holds more than 20 episodes. While watching the episodes will bring the curious to know what will happen next. This most watched web series ended in December 2021 and is now remade in the Korean language.

In the Korean remake Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area, Joo Ji Tae plays the role of the professor, Park Hee Soo, who drew attention in the 'squid game' as Berlin, Jun Jong Seo as Tokyo, Lee Hyun Woo as Rio, and Jang Yoon Ju as Nairobi, Lee Won Jong as Moscow, Kim Ji Hun as Denver,  Kim Ji Hoon as Helsinki, Lee Kyu Ho as Oslo.

Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area Introductory Teaser Release