Master Movie to be Postponed
There were talks on theaters reopening, many in the film fraternity were talking of releasing Master as the audience will come back in large numbers to the theaters.

In more than 100 years of Tamil cinema, there was never a time of closing theaters for more than 75 days. But it has now happened due to the deadly pathogen that is killing millions worldwide. Now with theaters to open during unlocking -3 announced by the MHA soon, more controversies are erupting on the release of movies. One such controversy is around the release of Thalapathy Vijay’s Master movie. A prominent film industry personality KR or Keyar in his press release has urged that the Master movie should not be the first to release in theaters after its opening.

The debate of Master to release first increases

The master movie is the much-expected Vijay–Lokesh combination film to have released on April 9. But the coronavirus stopped its release, and now the movie is all waiting to hit the screens soon. In the last few days after, there were talks on theaters reopening, many in the film fraternity were talking of releasing Master as the audience will come back in large numbers to the theaters. But there are many difficulties in it, including the massive gathering of people within a short space, restroom rush, air conditioning, and others. But the issue of Master to be released first or not is getting heated up.

Keyar’s views against the release of Master movie

Keyar was the president of the South Indian Film Chamber in 2001 and president of the Tamil Nadu Film Producers council in 2014. He is a producer, director, distributor, and theater owner for a long time now. His views on the release of Master movie from his press release include.

  • I was shocked to hear the news of the Master movie release first after the opening of the theaters in Tamil Nadu.
  • There is nothing wrong with theater owners thinking of Vijay’s Master movies that will bring in a large audience.
  • However, with the continuous rapid rise in coronavirus, if the movie is released, it will not only bring a bad name to Vijay but also to huge fans.
  • There will be many chances of the spread of infection to the fans, including families.
  • It is alleged that the overseas rights for the Master movie are sold for thirty crores, and only the Arab countries have opened their theaters all over the world.
  • With an only limited capacity of audience allowed inside the theaters during their opening, the distributors and theater owners will find it hard even to get back their investment
  • Also, there is the issue of air conditioning, and if the government decides to run theaters without it, it is better not to open the theaters.

Even after the government allowing private buses to run in six out of the eight zones in Tamil Nadu from June 1, most of the private operators are not running their buses. Only limited passengers are allowed to travel on the buses, and the operators cannot meet the expenses.

Similarly, with most of the theaters being air-conditioned and with the crowding in canteens, restrooms, and other places in the theaters, it is tough for the theater owner to have full collections to get the return on the investment. Only time or coronavirus will decide on the opening of theaters and the release of movies like Master.