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Mafia Chapter 1 Makers in Trouble for Using a Serial Killer's Photo

Mafia Chapter 1 Makers in trouble

Mafia Chapter 1 faces controversy for using pictures of real-time serial killers:

The Mafia Chapter 1, which was released in February by Karthik Narain, has been facing controversy even after the blockbuster hit on the screen. 'Mafia' starring Arun Vijay, Prasanna, and Priya Bhavani Shankar is a film about drug trafficking which is investigated by a narcotics officer. In one of these scenes, the details of the police investigation are written on aboard. The photographs of some of them are affixed to the drug smuggler.

But, in reality, these are photos of the murderer of Bruce McArthur in Canada. In this scene, photos of five of the eight people he killed are depicted inside the film as involved in drug trafficking.

A relative of one of the murderers said, "Why are they bringing hell back to our families? This is utterly disrespectful. The family regretted soulfully stating that this is an unfair act by the Tamil film industry people to depict two men of (who we know) along with another three other photos even after their demise in movie scenes, making us feel harder. In 2019, in Toronto, Bruce McArthur was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for a series of murders from 2010 to 2017.

Reacting to the photo controversy, Amazon Prime Video streamer said, "We are aware and sorry that the Toronto serial killer photos were taken in the Mafia Chapter 1 film. We have taken immediate action." But the photos of the killers are still navigating through the Prime site even now.

Aware of this, the Lyca productions have issued an unconditional apology to the concerned families and that the photos will be covered in the film after the curfew in India. Moreover, they are interpreted as photos that have been downloaded spontaneously, without any purpose for use in the film.

Being Bankrolled by Subaskaran's Lyca Productions, the controversy has been taken charge by the producer himself by his act of apologizing.

Mafia Chapter 1 Makers in Trouble for Using a Serial Killer's Photo