Karnan(2021) Tamil Movie Teaser: 4.2 Million Views

Karnan (2021) Tamil Movie Teaser post

Karnan (2021) Tamil Movie Teaser post

Karnan movie teaser released yesterday in Think Music Inia and is in the top trending videos on Youtube with 4.2 million views and 379K likes.

The videos shared and enjoyed by the fans. It aroused curiosity to celebrate on Big Screen.

This movie teaser looks entirely different by unique cinematography and direction.

Karnan (2021) movie is with more expectations with the direction of Mari Selvaraj. The music direction is by Santhosh Narayanan, who is already in trend after the song release of ‘Enjoy Enjaami’.

Dhanush plays the protagonist role, and he seems like a complete hope for the people in his village.

Few similarities can noticed in the Karnan teaser and Pariyerum Perumal, the films link with animals as diety.

The Karnan (2021) teaser has received many positive reviews among the public which conveys an indirect message to the viewers.

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