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Kamal Haasan Speech At Harvard University About His Vision On Tamil Nadu

Kamal Haasan Speech At Harvard University

Kamal Haasan was a keynote speaker at Harvard University in India conference 2018 yesterday. He delivered an important speech about his role and vision on Tamil Nadu's growth.

He announced the plan of adopting village in every district of the state. He plans to make the village role model as best villages in the world. He started his speech with "All is not well with Tamil Nadu" and explained his future vision about the development of the state.

To the question with alliance with Rajinikanth in politics, he replied if necessary I will take it. I hope Rajini's colour is not saffron, alliance with Rajinikanth us unlikely if his colour is saffron. He is my good friends but politics is different. There is no chance to make alliance with some other existing parties."

"I want to be different; I want to make the difference for my people," says the veteran actor. He also seeks support from the people to bring out the good changes. I also seeks something more valuable than money like intellect, ideas and imagination.

He launched the site maiam.com and invited volunteers to be part of his mission for to build sustainable model villages. 

He reported Tamil Nadu stands in the 3rd place on revenue deficit. The state natural resources like water management is being neglected for decades and we would be sufficient with water if it is managed properly.

He quoted about Mahatma Gandhiji words "rebuilding of the nation can be achieved only by reconstructing self-reliant / self-sustained villages. Big announcement regarding the village adoption is awaited on Feb 21, 2018.

Kamal Haasan Speech At Harvard University About His Vision On Tamil Nadu