Joker, the First R-Rated Film- Grosses 1 billion in box office


Joker becomes the first R-rated film to cross $ 1 billion in the box office and the most profitable comic book film of all time.

Warner Bros produced and distributed Joker is making record after record after its release on 2 October. It has become the first film with R-rating in America, which allows parental guidance for children under 17 to watch the movie to cross $ 1 billion or 772 million Euro box office collections.
It has become the record-breaking profitable Warner Bros’ & DC Films’ most profitable comic book film of all time. Todd Philips written and directed movie with Joaquin Phoenix acting as Joker is also starring Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy, and others in the supporting roles.
Joker has joined the billion-dollar club without being released in China. It is because any overseas movies with much violence are prone to be blocked in China. It is at the seventh position in this weekend US box office charts even after more than 45 days of its release. Ford VS Ferrari by Le Mans is topping the chart with this week’s collection of $31 million or 24 million Euros.
Even the latest release, Charlie Angels, can manage only the third spot. Midway, the world war II naval drama is at the second place. Joker’s R-rated film feat has the nearest rival in the 2018’s Deadpool 2 and 2016′ Deadpool again. The Ryan Reynolds was starring these two movies collected $ 785 million and $ 783 million, respectively.
Joker is also one of the low budget comic films taken so far of less than $ 60 million to yield the highest returns. It could be an example of producers worldwide to give the audience the right content with a low budget to reap huge profits in the future.
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