Irandam Kuththu Movie teaser controversy, Director Bharathiraja Action
After watching Irandam Kuththu Movie Teaser, Director Bharathiraja said I was shocked to see the teaser of the movie with my own eyes.

Irandam Kuththu Movie teaser released yesterday and within 24 hours more than 6 lakhs people watched it.

The movie “Irandam Kuththu” is the 2nd part of 2018 Tamil movie “Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu” . Santosh P. Jayakumar directs the film.

Its teaser and First Look poster have sparked controversy on social media. Bharathiraja who made great directions in Tamil Cinema has issued a statement protesting the poster and teaser of the film.

Director Bharathiraja Action about Irandam Kuththu Movie teaser

Bharathiraja (Photo: offBharathiraja)

Bharathiraja said, “Cinema has made caste eradication possible. Cinema has made it possible to unite minds past religion. It is possible to produce honest and courageous young people.

Our film industry also made culture impacts all over the world. The smell of the soil and the freedom of women, as many impossibilities as possible.

All this is not normal and many artists built this kind of Nest. I look with pain at overcoming the concern that we are degrading Cinema today in the guise of business, which does not preserve the moral dignity of social influences with moral responsibilities.

Irandam Kuththu Tamil Movie poster Issues

It’s painful to see bananas come to the point where they mark bananas in the body and take it to the public with a disgusting record.

Irandam Kuththu Tamil Movie poster

Great artists built such great Tamil Cinema industry together not to encourage such movies. So such adult movies should not get importance.

We can express the way of lifestyle in Cinema, not bad. But there is a way to express everything in the Cinema, not just doing bed life in an open street.

I am not a person who calls it a cultural disorder. But I’m the one who cares dignity of my house culture, and it should protect.

Any work done with artistry is a deep-seated admirer. But I was shocked to see the teaser of the movie “Irandam Kuththu” with my own eyes.

Irandam Kuththu Movie Poster

Not sure, How many good families in this Tamil Nadu would be felt ashamed to see this kind of teaser??

So, I condemn that such pornography is not suitable for Tamil Cinema and Tamil People. I urge the Tamil Nadu government and the censor board to hold on to all this.

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Do not stage a film that causes social disorders. How many rapes? Child abuse? Not enough?

So, do not encourage such movies in Tamil cinema, said Director Bharathiraja.