Bigg Boss Sanam Eliminated
Sanam, who fought individually from the beginning for herself and everybody, took the stand until going out of the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss crossed 63 days as of yesterday with Sanam Shetty’s elimination. Though Sanam is undeserving of this eviction compared to Anitha, Shivani, and Nisha, who are on the nomination list till Sunday, people’s judgment played the major role, and elimination occurred based on votes.

Sanam, who fought individually from the beginning for herself and everybody, took the stand until going out of the Bigg Boss house.

Being the most caring and strong contestant of this BB season 4, Sanam Shetty played the game as an all-rounder by winning hearts from other co-contestants, which reflected well in the send-off.

Everybody in the house felt sorry for Sanam’s unexpected eviction, but she took highly sportive and congratulated other participants without any baggage or regrets, which happened during Suchitha, Samyuktha, and Suresh elimination.

Despite all, Sanam’s performance inside the BB house clearly spelled out Kamal Hasan’s appraisal words.

Kamal’s appreciation is much required for Sanam to prove the long-lasting battle that happened both outside and inside the house up-to-date.

Sanam highly took this eviction as a pure success as it will not happen even if she stays until the title.

The fourth season of Big Boss is currently 63 days overdue. Kamal in particular roasted all the contestants in this week’s Saturday episode. He blasted everyone for not doing the task properly.

Not only that, Kamal angrily criticized Balaji Murugadoss for fighting with Sanam Shetty and beating himself up and fighting over the task of choosing a captain.

However, undeserving candidates are still inside the house as said by Aari and Sanam. Meanwhile, Sanam advised Rio not to open up like her as a result will be an eviction.

Day before Elimination, Archana’s ignition plan got burnt due to Nisha-Aari conversation- BB season 4.

It’s been 60 days inside the Bigg Boss House for the contestants and most of them are still inside the luxury villa facing life changing moments.

Bigg Boss introduced a secret task named contribution of contestants inside the house till date and called the housemates to confess their contribution.

Inviting Ramesh to do the task first, Bigg Boss interrupted the speech and corrected it to confess only the contribution part.

Hiking the audience’s laughter, Bigg Boss interrupted the housemate’s content amidst high humor sense making the episode more interesting.
The main entertaining factor of the contribution task is the part where contestants maintain the inside secret.

Starting with Ramesh, who proposed it as general medical checkup, the following participants also said the same statement outside the task room as per Bigg Boss advisory.

Aajeedh and Gabriella too, handled the task with confusion and did not tell their contribution clearly.

But Bigg Boss approached several times with criticism to understand and perform the task as it directly creates a bond between people and yourself.

Howeve, both told it as medical checkup and informed that everyone might need to do it. Apart from the task, Bigg Boss house looked chaotic in yesterday’s episode.

Archana triggered Rio to question Aari for hurting Nisha by words outside the BB house in Nisha’s absence. But Rio clearly stated that Nisha should face it on her own and I too told that in detail.

In the meantime, Nisha clarified her grudge against Aari directly in the Kitchen area and the problem went smoothly without any clash.

But Archana’s move to suppress Aari, who has constantly been leading the house with his performance, failed and torn Archana’s real face of love to win the title.

Though love is an essential factor to win hearts, opinions and being real on things is much needed to open up who you are actually since acting can be made with love but it cannot stay permanent due to the less withstanding power of everyone’s realistic nature.