Kamal hands over Rs. 4 crores to the Indian 2 shooting victims

Kamal hands over Rs. 4 crores to the Indian 2 shooting victims
Kamal hands over Rs. 4 crores to the Indian 2 shooting victims

After six months after the tragic crane accident that killed three people in the Indian 2 shooting near Chennai, Rs.4 crores were handed to the family of the dead.

Actor Kamal Hassan, director Shankar, and FEFSI chief RK Selvamani handed over the cheques to the family of the three dead and one critically injured.

The four crores are the total contribution of Lyca productions, Kamal and Shankar together to the bereaved families. Kamal, Shankar, and Selvamani spoke to the press after handing over the cheques.

FEFSI chairman says such a big payment to film workers the first time

R K Selvamani is the chief of FEFSI or the Film Employees Federation of South India with more than 25,000 members. He had organized the press meet yesterday, August 7 to hand over the cheques of 4 crore rupees to the four affected families due to the accident in the Indian 2 shooting set.

He said that never in the history of Tamil film industry that such a massive amount was given to the affected film workers. There were small contributions previously for those who lost their lives and injured in such shooting accidents.

Details of the families got the cheques.

Radha, the wife of the deceased Chandran, who was part of the catering team, Chinnamalaya Gonder, the father of Madhu, Amitha wife of Krishan, both assistant directors to Shankar were given one crore each. The critically injured Ramachandran family got 90 lakhs and another 10 lakhs for the other injured in the press meet.

Excerpts of the Press Meet of Kamal

Speaking to the press, after handing over the cheques to the concerned persons, Kamal spoke to the Press, the excerpts include

  • The accident that happened in Indian 2 shooting could have happened even to him and the director
  • It is only an accident and now only preventive measures to not let such accidents happen in the future
  • Even in these coronavirus times ways have to be found to start work as done in foreign countries but with following social distancing
  • Prevention has become the way of life, and everyone should follow to be safe which includes the media people
  • Actor and directors are emotional creatures and we helping is not big but the producers paying a massive amount for the workers is a welcome sign
  • Shooting again in the same EVP campus where the accident happened will be decided only by the director
  • It is pathetic for the film workers who depend on daily shooting for their next day food on the table is alarming
  • On a question to the announcement of Bharathiraja starting a separate producer council, Kamal said that he is not opposed to any number of unions, but people to work for the benefit of the film industry is more important.