Florent C Pereira : First Tamil Actor Died in Covid-19

Florent C Pereira
Florent C Pereira

Florent C Pereira, who played the landlord of the movie Kayal, attracted attention. His villainous acting in the film has played the role of villain and character in many films in order to impress the fans.

Florent C Pereira was admitted to the hospital with corona symptoms. There he was treated to come to a positive conclusion. But he passed away today after his health deteriorated over the past few days. Florent C Pereira’s death news has come as a shock to the film industry.

Florent Pereira, a veteran journalist and film actor who was treated for a corona infection, has died. He has acted in films including Enkitta Motade (2017), Unemployed Graduate 2 (2017), Raja Mantri, Series. Has been working in the media for many years.

Florent C Pereira recently joined the BJP.