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Evan Endru Ninaithai: Poster resembles Mechanic Movie

Evan Endru Ninaithai

Evan Endru Ninaithai

As already expected and the talks in the Lockdown period, Kamal heard stories from Lokesh Kanagaraj. Now, the film has officially announced and movie titled “Evan Endru Ninaithai”. Actor Kamal fans and followers started celebrating it.

It has been reported that Lokesh Kanagaraj, who is directing the movie ‘Master’ starring Vijay, is going to direct the next movie of the superstar and Kamal Haasan’s Rajkamal International will produce it.

It was reported that Kamal had decided that it would be better if Rajinikanth acted in this story, which was originally designed for Kamal Haasan, and the superstar agreed to act in it. Thus the fans were eagerly waiting for the official announcement.

Kamal Haasan’s 232nd film was confirmed to be directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj and the fans were overjoyed. But that happiness did not last long.

Because it has been revealed that the poster of that movie was copied from the famous Hollywood movie “Mechanic”. Netizens have been viralizing the two posters together to another level.

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