Dharala Prabhu Trailer: Harish Kalyan and Vivek Rocked the Flick

Dharala Prabhu Trailer is out

Dharala Prabhu trailer released by actor Jayam Ravi in his twitter handle is rocking the social media now.  Harish Kalyan plays generous lord with Vivek coming back firmly all through the movie is a sure watch for everyone. The remake of Vicky Donor of 2012, it is what Harish is generously donating, is the fulcrum of the film. Helmed by Krishna Marimuthu after his success with Yuddham Sharanam in 2018, seems to have taken the film well to be released next month, March.
After nearly 12 lakh views for its teaser released on January 29, today, Sony Music has released the trailer of Dharala Prabhu on YouTube. Already it is making the rounds online with many enjoying the 1.58-minute trailer. It starts with Vivek and ends with him, who plays the doctor and a mediator for collecting sperm donations for his patients to have babies. He seems to come back strong with Dharala Prabhu again in the movie.
Harish Kalyan seems naturally fitting for the sperm donor role with his good physique and innocent face. The lead female character played by Tanya Hope, though has a limited presence in the trailer, gives hope of excellent performance.
Krishna Marimuthu, who collected more than 20 crores for his first movie Yuddham Sharanam is doing this remake now to make more money for the producers Screen Scene Media Entertainment. Interestingly the BGM of the trailer is excellent, and the producers should thank all the eight music directors who gave their part for it, including Anirudh, Vivek Mervin, and others. And also, one song is penned by director Vignesh Shivan.
Ayushmann Khurrana made his debut with Vicky Donor in 2012, and nothing is stopping him from having continuous success. Not only was the movie a worldwide hit, it got Khurrana many Filmfare awards, and the film was also given a national award for the best social awareness movie.  For an investment of 15  crores, it collected a whopping 66 crores.
Will Dharala Prabhu will be as generous as Vicky Donor, is the biggest question about it.
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