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Dhanush Pattas Full Movie Leaked by Tamilrockers

Pattas movie poster

Dhanush latest Tamil movie "Pattas" released worldwide on 15th Jan 2020, with huge expectations for Pongal fans celebration. As expected, Pattas movie is good as commercial with fun and action. Pattas full movie also got leaked in Tamilrockers website today within a couple of hours.

Tamilrockers leaked Darbar Full Movie download last week, and today Pattas movie has become the latest victim. Tamilrockers website doing lots of piracy activities for all language movies like English, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu. Not only Tamilrockers, but many websites are also still leaking movies online.

Pattas movie received a moderate review from the audience, as the film is with the usual story, nothing new to watch. Pattas movie scenes are more expected, but the movie is fun and action. Kindly watch the film in theatre to enjoy immersive sound effects and visuals.

Dhanush Pattas Full Movie Leaked by Tamilrockers