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Thalapathy 65 Update: Comali Movie Director Rules Out Chances of Directing Thalapathy 65

Thalapathy 65 Update

Amid the worries of coronavirus and Thalapathy's Master not released as expected in April, there is also good news for his fans. Apart from the rumors of who is going to direct Thalapathy 65, now the fans are busy debating whether Thaman will be the music director of it. With the long list of the proposed directors for Thalapathy 65, now it is almost sure that A R Murugadoss will be directing it.  But Thaman, who is now popular in Tollywood and his Telugu songs being hit in Tamil Nadu, will be the music director of Thalapathy 65 is the question for his fans now.

Coronavirus has brought in many worries to the world and is to increase to multiple levels in India soon. But the biggest worry for the Vijay fans is of Master not releasing on April 9 as planned.  With the lockdown to continue until April 15, the release is postponed sine die. There are rumors of the lockdown to even continue for 90 days if the coronavirus impact is not reducing in India. All this has made his fans confuse about whether to worry about coronavirus or Master release date.  But one thing is for sure, and once this coronavirus fear reduces, Master will hit the big screens at a high level to entertain not only the Thalapathy fans but also the general public.

For almost four months, right from the shooting of Master, there were talks of who is going to direct Thalapathy 65. Starting from Vetrimaran after his spectacular success with Asuran, the list went long up to Comali director Pradeed Ranganath. In his recent interview, Pradeep clarified that he does not know whether he will direct Thalapathy 65, but will soon direct Thalapathy. It brought the rumor mill to stop with A R Murugadoss to direct Thalapathy 65.  Also, Vijay, now giving chances to young and new talent, Thaman though popular in Telugu, had not made music for any big actor in Tamil.  If he does Thalapathy 65, it will be a new combination, and some of his fans welcome it while others are not sure about the outcome.

First Master has to release and for that coronavirus impact has to reduce and for that everyone has to stay home and safe to not only watch Master soon but also Thalapathy 65.

Thalapathy 65 Update: Comali Movie Director Rules Out Chances of Directing Thalapathy 65