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Coronavirus Fear in China: China Ordered to Close Cinema Theaters Again

China Close Cinema Theaters Again

More than the electrical goods, it's now a thing that first comes to mind while thinking China is the novel CoronaVirus, which hit the floors of Wuhan last December 2019 and is still in pandemic mode.

Happiness didn't last even a week in Chinese countries after the announcement of reopening theatres. Yes, the Chinese government has ordered now to close all the opened 600 theatres immediately and intimated to stop trading until further notice.

CoVid has been roaming around the world as a WHO's pandemic contagion for the past three months since the outbreak lost its control in the Wuhan region of China.

There are more than 70,000 theatres in the Chinese province, and recently their government allowed almost 600 theatres to set back the CoVid state as a sign of recovery with a note to maintain social distancing.

But the good news never lost more than ten days for the Chinese folks, and the officials confirmed theatres to remain closed in China, creating a panic of a second round of CoronaVirus among the public.

Theatrical owners planned to run classic films on the silver screen, but unluckily, their relief mode gets a ban to lead a normal life and orders to continue the societal quarantine.

Sources reveal that locally transmitted first CoVid positive cases after several days might be the core reason for the government to announce the closure of theatres. Also, China has 55 new cases from the past week, and to be specific, 54 people are from abroad. Though the Chinese government locked the foreign visitors inside the country for a while, this one local-transmitted case creates people to be in more panic state to start the pandemic war again after fighting two long months with CoVid.

Film Federations from all over the world are making sure of the pandemic situation to be less with the financial crisis among their industrial workers. Certainly, US Hollywood Studios laid hope on the Senate's $2 trillion bill, which somehow will support the film industry workers who are out of work due to the CoronaVirus impact.

Coronavirus Fear in China: China Ordered to Close Cinema Theaters Again