Bodyguard Maranalloor Das died in Jaundice

Malayalam Industry Bodygaurd Maranalloor Das died in Jaundice

Maranalloor Das, The bodyguard of famous heroes in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu cine industry, died in Jaundice. He served his duty with popular stars like Mammootty, Mohanlal, Vijay, Ajith, Surya and Pawan Kalyan.

A couple of week back Maranalloor Das (Age 47) was diagnosed Jaundice and was undergoing treatment in Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital and could not survive from Jaundice and died. This news shocked the cinema celebrities and their deep condolences shared in social media.

Without bodyguards, there have been a number of incidents where some heroines have stuck to fans in various places. Private bodyguards like Maranalloor Das and team are routinely assigned to protect the hero and heroine from fans who engage in hands-on and kissing.

Photo from Internet, Maranalloor Das with Celebrities.

From such incidents, the Maranalloor Das team will keep the fans away from getting close to cine stars. Maranalloor Das served as a bodyguard for many heroes and heroines in Malluwood, Kollywood and Tollywood.

Mohanlal was the first to work in Malayalam cinema with the concept of Private Security Group. He later worked for the films of leading Malayalam actors including Mammootty and later served as their bodyguard. Most of the cast and actresses started interacting with Maranalloor Das.

Subsequently, actors Vijay, Ajith, Surya and Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan have been the bodyguards of various actors. He, along with his team, has been the protector of these heroes’ shooting sites. If Maranalloor Das is in close contact with many of the heroes, the actor and actresses would consider themselves safe.

Photo: Bodygaurd Maranalloor Das and team photo

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