Bigg Boss Tamil Suchitra Elimination and her Emotional

Bigg Boss Tamil Suchitra Elimination

RJ Suchithra badly needs her singing career back and had a big dream when entering Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4.

RJ Suchithra, who entered the Bigg Boss house on the 28th day is evicted yesterday after three weeks of staying in.

Somsekhar, Aari Arjunan, Rio Raj, Samyuktha, Balaji Murugadoss, Suchithra, and Anitha Sampath are the eight contestants who got nominated for this week’s eviction.

Bigg Boss Tamil Rio and Somsekhar

With Aari and Rio Raj being saved in Saturday’s show by Kamal Haasan, the remaining positions are kept on hold to hike the episode thrill.

Kamal Hasan began the Sunday episode by wishing the BB participants for achieving 50 days inside the house.

Nextly, Somsekhar and Balaji Murugadoss were saved from the eviction with the three females Suchithra, Anitha, and Samyuktha still hanging on the verge of eviction.

Bigg Boss Tamil Samyuktha Karthik

Though the three ladies are non-judgemental for their actions since it changes time to time, most of the housemates supported Samyuktha to stay back.

Bigg Boss Tamil Suchitra Elimination

However, Ulaganayagan Kamal opened the eviction secret soon after the support voting, and it revealed Suchithra.

Being inside for less time, Suchithra came out at a blinking speed that poses no shock from both audience and co-contestants.

Despite all, the final bid for Suchithra also seemed hurting as the groupism and personal grudges made their priority before humanity.

Bigg Boss Tamil Host Kamal showing Elimination Card of Suchitra

Moreover, Suchithra told about her dreams inside Bigg Boss house to Kamal Hassan. In it, she quoted that her father came into her dreams and told to come out of the BB house as there is no reason to be in without proper attention and character portrayal outside.

Alongside, Suchithra expressed her goal to come back as a singer with Kamal Hasan during the final stage conversation after the eviction.

Overall, Bigg Boss is firing up with tough competitors day by day and Rio Raj took the captaincy of the coming week relieving Aajeedh who served as the last week’s captain.

Let us wait and watch the good and bad of the remaining persons who are staying inside the luxury house.

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