Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant - Lakshmi Menon Latest Update
Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant Lakshmi Menon, who was rumoured to be part of the biggest reality show, called it a shit show and not interested.

Bigg Boss Tamil contestant list already out and most of the contestants denied as contestants. Now rumoured contestant has already kick-started the first controversy even before its premiere on October 4 at 6 PM. Lakshmi Menon rumoured to be part of the Bigg Boss reality show, called it a shit show.

It was in a series of her Instagram stories yesterday that she said it and later also confirmed of those watching it as jobless idiots. She has said all this only to put an end to the rumours of her participation in the show.

This is not the way to comment for the most famous reality show hosted by none other than the Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan.

Who is this Lakshmi Menon – Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant?

Lakshmi Menon is only 24 years old and acted so far in three Malayalam movies and 12 Tamil movies.

Starting her acting career in 2011, she had given some hits and from 2016 not released any film after Rekka with Vijay Sethupathi.

Lakshmi Menon’s big hit movies were Kumki, Komban and Vedalam. In Vedalam movie, she played sister role to Ajith.

With nearly four years gap of her films to release in Tamil, it was natural for rumours to spread of her participation in Bigg Boss Tamil as a contestant in Season 4.

No one knows the source of the rumours and who is spreading it. She, if matured, could have avoided like many others do without any comments.

But to gain popularity or for what reason no one knows, she has taken to the Instagram Stories to lambast the most-watched reality show hosted by veteran actor Kamal for the fourth time now.

She did not leave its millions of audiences and also criticized them in the worst way possible.

What were the Instagram stories of Lakshmi Menon?

In her first post in the Instagram Stories, she had given the right message of Never, Not participating in the Bigg Boss. That could have been decent enough and would not have created any controversy.

She then again posted a detailed story of she will not wash plates, clean toilets and fight before the camera. Additionally, she said that only jobless idiots for entertainment watch the show.

Then later in the day, she in an attempt to justify the earlier stories, brought in more controversy by bringing in Mark Zuckerberg, saying his eyes are soulless.

Also about the show is only monetizing snooping in a legalized way. She had also said she is not against washing plates or cleaning toilets which she does at home.

Even national award-winning director Cheran, was seen last year sincerely cleaning the floors and toilets as Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant.

Cheran has been in the cine field even before Laksmi Menon was born in 1996.

It shows his maturity and greatness while what shows of Laksmi Menon’s Instagram stories to criticize not only the show but also the audience, only people and time will decide.