Bigg Boss Tamil Archana & Nisha criticizes Rio and Somsekhar

Bigg Boss Tamil Archana and Rio Photo

Bigg Boss Tamil Archana and Rio Photo

The call center task was given last week in Bigg Boss Tamil House. Some of those contestants cut off the phone call by giving up, which reduced the task’s enthusiasm due to its friendly move by players.

In this case, the Bigg Boss has released a new announcement to rank the best performers in this task and rank one to 13. As expected, the contestants fought vigorously for the ranking.

Bigg Boss Sanam

Sanam Shetty was not called up on the call center task due to Samyukta’s dismissal. Whatever the Big Boss plot, the first place is a little over the top for Sanam.

But there is nothing wrong with taking second or third place. Other competitors may have thought a bit about that, but their primary objective was to oppose Sanam Shetty.

Bigg Boss Anitha Sampath

The big clash from Anitha Sampath for not taking place due to irregularity in voting for call center rank positions among contestants.

Whatever, Anitha’s decision is quite acceptable as there is no fair in repeatedly voting until satisfaction in the contestant taking the rank position.

However, Balaji Murugadoss took 3rd place with no offense, ignoring Anitha’s regret over call center ranking.

Bigg Boss Balaji Murugadoss

Despite the circumstance, Bigg Boss made the clash into joy by presenting the Good Day Happiness Awards through which contestants are gifted with awards in terms of their goodness.

Nisha won the Good Happiness title finally and received a hamper full of biscuits.

Meanwhile, Archana and Nisha expressed their regret towards Rio and Somsekhar for not spending much time with them.

Archana and Nisha in Bigg Boss House

Rio apologized to Archana, but Som did not realize what the mistake is. The reality hitted Archana only now after the Rio-Som collision with other content contestants for a long time, along with more laughter.

Though it never becomes a huge fight, chances are there for Archana to change the strategy from today’s episode.

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