Bigg Boss Tamil Anitha Sampath burst out with Suresh Chakravarthy Today
Bigg Boss Tamil Anitha Sampath received compliment word from Suresh Chakravarthy that she has some psychological problem. Latest Bigg Boss Promo.

Anitha Sampath, who is competing in the fourth season of Bigg Boss Tamil, has been in a confrontation with another contestant Suresh Chakravarthy since the first day of the show.

As Anitha Sampath read the news, Suresh teased the newsreaders and then said something like ‘some people will spit when they say Vanakkam’.

Anita Sampath, who went to fight with Suresh Chakraborty, said, “Why did he say that when I was reading the news?”

Later Suresh Chakravarthy has been arguing that I have never said that, so the problem with this has been between the two of them for the last two days.

Bigg Boss Tamil Suresh Chakravarthy

As the debate resumed yesterday, Suresh Chakravarthy said angrily that Anitha Sampath has some psychological problem.

When the problem continues in the kitchen, Suresh Chakravarthy asked Anitha Sampath not to talk anymore with him.

Anita Sampath has been asking for a re-telecast of the respective scene on the issue since day one and has been saying that Suresh Chakravarthy never said the word ‘newsreader’.

Bigg Boss Tamil Anitha Sampath Cried

In this case, the promo video from the fourth day, which is currently out, shows Anitha Sampath crying over the matter.

I have worked very hard to earn this name. I find it very difficult not to spoil this. Please don’t compare me with anyone. I don’t have the habit of buying a good name from everyone.

I have no address. It would be nice if we had a house of our own. In my house, I just like parents. My father, mother, and brother are like my children.

So it is sure that the problem between Suresh Chakraborty and Anita Sampath will continue today.