Bigg Boss Tamil 59th Day Special Balaji and Aari

Bigg Boss Balaji and Aari

Bigg Boss Balaji and Aari

The call center task that took place last week is still going on at the Bigg Boss house this week. In particular, certain conversations between caller and employee seek more attention.

Yesterday Balaji – Aari phone call is becoming one of the most talked-about among reality show viewers.

Bigg Boss Tamil Aari Arjun

Balaji Murugadoss made a call to Aari Arjunan in the BB call center task and expressed his grudges towards Aari’s targeted speeches.

Notably, prior caller contestants questioned the call center employees generally and allowed them to respond with their opinions on the topics.

Bigg Boss Aari Arjunan Missed Call Number: 8367796802

But Balaji turned out the task totally and never allowed Aari to answer for the customer’s queries.

Besides all, Balaji disconnected the call himself stating that his heart feels free after expressing his grief and there is no need for explanation.

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Aari got 5 stars for Balaji’s customer rating and tackled the situation with a smile and did not get into word clashes like before.

But the review rating also seems like some attention-grabbing technique for Balaji by degrading Aari’s terms. In this regard, Balaji comes under the list of nominated candidates for next week.

Meanwhile, Gabriella’s call from Somsekhar and Aajeedh’s call to Archana went very soothing without any debate, with both of them saved from nomination.

Bigg Boss Archana Phone Call

In this situation, Anitha Sampath is talking to Rio as per today’s promo. Anitha has retaliated Rio’s response as an individual player stating it does not seem so.

After the task is over, Rio comes out and compliments Anitha by saying, ‘Good call.’ But he went inside and told Somsekhar, ‘I was in control because it was a task.’

Moreover, contestants are handling game-changing tricks in the recent days of Bigg Boss tasks to claim up.

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