Bigg Boss Tamil 4 - Day 2 Emotional Highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil 4, bigg boss voice announced - there wont be any eviction this week. Emotional activity in Bigg Boss house from contestants broke out tears

Bigg Boss Tamil 4, Back to back entertainments are gearing up in recent days like IPL, Bigg Boss and deets flaunt on theatres’ opening.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 started last Sunday with a grand opening ceremony. Hosted by Kamal Haasan, introduced 16 contestants and sent them inside Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss gave the heart-break task on the first day of the house and initiated the fight atmosphere as usual.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 – Day 2 Highlights

Anitha Sampath emotionally broke out, claiming Nisha as her role model for breaking the myth of being black.

She cried literally stating that Nisha looks like her mom and advised her mom to learn from Arathangi Nisha and break the stereotype.

Aari Arjunan, Jithan Ramesh and Balaji supported Shivani to overcome the heartbreak by comforting her with talks.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Aari

Meanwhile, Aari questioned Shivani why she posts videos on social media regularly. But then, the actress remained silent with no answer.

While the contestants were dancing to the song to begin Day 2, suddenly the song stopped and a Bigg Boss voice made the announcement.

Everyone was happy when Bigg Boss told Super News that there is no elimination in the first week because of the Broken Heart Task.

Suresh Chakraborty mocked Anita Sampath’s news reading yesterday with compliments and some hard words.

As a result in the kitchen, a fight broke out as usual in the kitchen area to dissuade Suresh Chakraborty.

In which he was responding as reporters spit while speaking, later two of them compromised.

The 2nd day ended with Vel Murugan, Sanam Shetty and Aranthangi Nisha telling their own tragic stories and making many cry.

The stories came after the Bigg Boss ordered contestants to express their life paths which will save them from nomination.

Who ever nominated after the emotional activity, they will be in Elimination list to next week eviction.

The highlight of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 is Aranthangi Nisha’s stunning speech. She made the housemates laugh by joking about the difficulties she faced from the beginning.