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Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Contestant discussion in Vijay TV WhatsApp Group

Tamil TV fans are eagerly waiting for the Bigg Boss reality show in Vijay Television. So far, no one could provide valid information about the Bigg Boss Tamil 4 contestants list.

Nowadays, event organizers are releasing different videos and posters in their official twitter page to raise curiosity. Recently Vijay Television official twitter page requested audience, “To find out for yourself who is going to be Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants in this 4th season.”

People are always asking questions about who the contestants are and what the show’s broadcast date will be. At this point, Vijay TV official twitter page posted a screenshot to the fans.

The screenshot shows two friends, chat in the WhatsApp page, and one guy asking contestants names, and the other guy replies, I have no idea. Another guy shocked and ask are you really work on Vijay TV?

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